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Dec 08, 2016

Why Would I Need A Coach to Succeed in Life or Relationships?

We all get stuck from time to time in various areas of life.  Today more than ever before, we have experts to help us save money, time and stress by helping us make more progress than if we try to figure it out on our own.  There are many types of coaches just like other medical specialties.

If you are unhappy or believe you are not living up to your full potential in your career, relationships or health matters,  getting support from a Success Coach may be the perfect way to get UN-stuck and start moving forward to see progress and have consistent results.


Just like you would want to save money taking your car in for tune ups rather than waste time and energy doing it yourself, you would do well to take stock and find the resources you need to make real progress rather than stay stuck or worst going down hill.    There are coaches who are experts in everything.

Finding a coach to help you upgrade your health, wealth/career and/or relationships can give you the needed inspiration and energy to fulfill your dreams.     For example,  most couples wait for several years after the first sign of trouble to get help.   This is costly because bad habits and reactive behaviors have been reinforced and take longer to undo.


Everybody has a point in their life when they feel lost, helpless, or burn out and inadequate to cope with the complexities of life.  Life and relationships have become more and more complex. Everything use to be more simple.  We knew what was expected of us and we had our roles and duties. However, roles have changed and expectations have changed especially in relationships. Men are not just expected to earn a living and women are not just expected to bare children.  Adding to the rules and roles changing in relationships,  job pressures, kids, financial stress also take a enormous toll on relationships.


Life requires more of us and our relationships require more also. I remember as a teenager everyone worked on their own car. Today,  however, cars have become more complicated.  Today Relationship are more complicated too.  We need advance communication training to know how to deal with impasses and losses as well as skills to keep from getting bough down in repeated arguments and repeated frustrations with our partners.  Conflict can actually be a doorway to greater intimacy if we have skills to deal with our conflicts instead of ignoring them but shutting down of avoid dealing with the underlying needs by blowing up.


Relationship Experts and or  Life Coaches can be particularly helpful in supporting you and your partner to learn concrete skills you can use right away to improve your communication, resolve conflict, and enhance intimacy.   Without skills relationship can go into a downward spiral especially when negative habits keep individuals in a rut or impasse.  According to research, couples wait six years on average to get help and often bad habits are deeply entrenched.  When couples repeatedly shutdown, avoid or blow up  when dealing with problems, it can lead into a downward spiral especially  if something is not done to correct the problem.


Most of us were educated to have skills like driving a car or we were taught a particular set of skills to earn a living, however few of us got skills to have a meaningful relationship.  It seems we were just expect to know how to connect with our partners and know how to express our deepest feelings and needs and to communicate effectively to resolve conflict.


We take our car to a mechanic when we need service and get other specialist to help us save time and money trying to do it our selves.    We have positive expectations that the trust the car will run better after the service.  Relationship Coaches are trained experts and have skill sets to help you recognize blocks that keep you from resolving conflict. Relationship Coaches can also  help you learn specific skills to better understand your Relationship Stresses and how get past them.  A relationship or life coach can help you put things into perspective and learn to communicate with feeling and needs instead of judgements and reactions.



Everyone has stress and when we let stress build up we loose our resiliency and ability to cope.  Little things become big things fights can start over anything because we simply are not happy with ourselves.  Learning to recognize stress and know how to better cope with it can also help us cope better in our relationships.


Instead of numbing off and doubling our efforts it’s nice to  know we have people we can call on to help us put things in perspective.   It may be because of a divorce, a new high-pressure job, the loss of a loved one, or even anything else in between. We have all experienced that one moment when there’s nothing we have learned so far that can help us.


A Professional Life / Relationship Coach is someone who will partner with you as an individual or couple to help you identify where you’re stuck and help you gain tools to navigate past destructive defaults patterns to get on high ground and gain perspective.  Relationship or Life Coaches are experts in specific areas such as conflict resolution, intimacy building and building a secure bond with your partner.  They can  support  you to overcome obstacles in your personal or relational or professional life.


Relationship coaches are trained guides who can teach you concrete skills that you can use right away to resolve conflict, improve intimacy and build a stronger relationship bond with your partner.   Personal or professional life / relationship coaches are people who have skills and experience in many arenas facing couples such as parenting, resolving conflicts, romanticizing or dealing with  addictions resolving grief issues or other life transitions.  Life Relationship Coaches can help you gain perspective of your situation, help you develop a strategy to overcome the road blocks and obstacles preventing you from being your best self and having the life, relationship you deserve.   Coaching also provide you with support and accountability you need to stay on track and have consistent progress while you work through any obstacle.


How Can You Benefit from Having a Life or Relationship Coach?

Present day research in quantum physics and innovative authors such as Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. in his best selling book “Biology of Belief” suggest that we are controlled more by intentions and our conscious values than our genes or past limiting beliefs. We have more freedom to make good choices  and can reverse and up-grade any situation.   Today, more than ever before in history, we have opportunities to have greater insight into ourselves and learn skills to self-correct and evolve our defensive over-reactive behavior patterns.


We are not victims of our past or even the world at large for that matter.   We now have an opportunity to return to our authentic true nature or Natural Self and experience our original wholeness and blessedness.


Relationship Coaches have been trained from A-Z in communication and relationship enhancement skills.  Life Coaches have usually had experiences with something that allows them to provide skills and knowledge that others needs.  There is nothing like having someone to mentor you who has walked the path you are taking.   Coaching helps you get get you from point A to point B in the most effective way, without having to back track or get caught up in blind alleys.  The coach can help you discover where your point A is where you’re currently stuck, and help you define point B is where you want to be.




A Professional Coach, in whatever area of life you need support, can also help you stay focused and remind you of what you really want.  Coaches also can help you learn skills to remove mental, emotional and behavioral patterns or  blocks keeping you from what you want.  With support and practice, you can develop goals and strategies to reach your ultimate goal of a fulfilling relationship or success other areas of your life.  The Coach will become a partner with you  working together to help you succeed in a more enriched and fulfilling life.   Why go it alone and take a chance of never reaching your goal when there are numerous resources to support you in becoming successful.


Start today by finding a Certified Life Coach or Professional Relationship Counselor /Therapist Expert, , A qualified, Professional Coach or Counselor can help you achieve the relationship of your dreams not your night mares.


In just a few sessions you will see yourself, your partner and your life in a completely new way.  You will have the self-confidence, knowledge, and a better attitude towards dealing with whatever life relationship challenges come your way.  SEE TESTIMONIES


Five great reasons to hire a Life or Relationship Coach

1.  A life coach can help you maintain a secure bond with your significant other while you deal with pressure and stress in various aspects of your life.
2.  Life and or Relationship Coaching can make you start asking the right questions and/or give you the skills you need to repair damages to you and your relationship and correct self-limiting mindsets that have been holding you back.
3. Both Life and Relationship Coaches are skilled in holding a broader picture and you stay motivated to improve your relationship and your life. The coach will be there to support you and encourage you to stay on tract with what’s important.
4.  With a Relationship and Life Coach,  you’ll always have someone to help you see beneath the surface of what’s going on to save time and money. This is much more powerful than ruminating and obsessive thinking increasing stress about what you can or can’t do.
5.  Life and Relationship coaching sessions  are proven ways to create a more satisfying relationship and more satisfying life.  Most people want to know how to love, be fruitful and contribute good to others.  Most want to have the skill to know how to better give and  receive love.   Many have not learned that  the giving is the receiving when it comes to having meaningful relationships.  What really seek is always dependent on how much we connect with it in ourselves.   You really can’t get someone to love you if you don’t have it in yourself.   This is the  coaches real job to teach you to be the change you want to see.  Coaching whether about love or success in life is really about  teaching you how to discover it in your own heart.



Timothy Ryan, Ph.D. D.Div. has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Divinity and practices as a Certified Professional Life Coach and Relationship Expert.   He also practices as a Professional Faith Based Individual and Relationship Counselor. He  has extensive training in relationship counseling and energy healing, including  Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and being a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Master Practitioner and Trainer.  He has also trained in numerous Energy Healing and  Relationship Healing modalities. SEE ABOUT ME

Individuals and Couples learn concrete skills to gain confidence to become Masters not Disasters.

In as few as six sessions, you can see your life transformed in ways you never imagined. 

In his Returning to Love Relationship Healing Program, you  will learn about your Imago which holds your unconscious agenda as part of your Soul Contract.  You will  gain the necessary practical, easy to learn skills, you can use right away to resolve internal / external conflict and free yourself and your relationship to go to the next level.His sessions are also Spiritually based and  Soul Solution Focused – helping you understand yourself and your Soul Contracts or conflict issues from the largest context possible.

Dr. Ryan is best known for my intuitive gifts, humor and heart centered style of sharing relationship healing techniques and relationship principles that everyone can understand and use right away to take their relationship / life to the next level.  See Testimonies

Although originally trained in Clinical Psychology, his services do not include diagnosing or attempting to cure pathology or treat any form of physical mental illness or disease which constitutes the conventional practice of psychology and medicine and  he does not practice as a Clinical Psychologist.  His sole intention is to improve mind, body, and spirit health through coaching, therapy and skill training as an adjunct to medical care.


Dr. Ryan supports you by  helping you gain resources to go past your blocks and discover and strengthen the gifts within yourself to become successful.   He prefers to see his clients as needing skills instead of labels.  He also believes clients have innate wisdom and resources available to help themselves when limiting beliefs are corrected and emotional blocks are removed.

He has been helping couples resolve their difference and gain a more meaningful connection for the past thirty  years.

Blessings on Your Success in All Areas of Your Life and Relationships.