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For Singles

If you have been through a rough patch especially with heart break and want to better understand yourself and prepare for a secure, loving future relationship, I can help you discover your emotional blocks that may sabotage your future success and remove them so you don’t repeat the pattern. The result of our work together will be you being a healthier person by upgrading yourself and attracting a healthier person, upgrading your relationship.

Dr Timothy J. Ryan, PH.D, D.Div


For Individuals Seeking Support

If you have insomnia, anxiety past trauma or holding yourself back in some way this be exhausting and can make your life extremely difficult. It’s like pushing yourself forward and putting on the breaks at the same time. Overtime these unresolved issues will sabotage all your chances for success in all aspects of your life – depleting you of much needed resources to meet your personal, relational career challenges.

If you also feel overwhelmed with physical, emotional, career and relationship challenges resulting in conflict, stres, loss of direction I can help you get to the root cause and eliminate your obstacles. If you have health issues and symptoms that don’t go away, this can also deplete your resourcefulness and take a toll on all aspects of your life.

I can teach you gentle non-invasive techniques to release stress, undo blocks and help you reconnect to your strength and propel you into a successful future.

In as few as six sessions you can resolve stress, heal aspects of depression or grief and overcome self limiting behavior patterns?

Healing and Transformation

I Specialize in Relationship Healing and Transformation.
For Couples: If you are at the beginning of a new relationship and want to lay a secure foundation? Or you want to strengthen your bond and prepare for a secure future, I can teach you easy to learn concrete skills that you can use right away dissolve conflict and strengthen your relationship to be more secure, resilient and better able to weather future challenges.

For Older Adults: If you have been in a long term relationship and want to rekindle intimacy and create a more fulfilling vision for your relationship future, I can help you create more passion and aliveness in your present relationship and more meaningful intimacy in your future.

If you have been in a long term relationship and want to rekindle intimacy and create a more fulfilling vision for your relationship future, I can help you create more passion and aliveness in your present relationship and more meaningful intimacy in your future.

If you are at the end of your marriage and want to know if it can be saved by stopping the habitual reinforcement of negative behaviors – Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness and Stone Wallin, I can help you stop this vicious cycle and discover the meaning behind your conflict so that you can reconnect in ways that are more meaningful and have the relationship of your dreams not your nightmares.

If you identify and/or struggle with any of the above challenges. You have come to the right place. I can help learn the conflict resolution and intimacy building skills you need to take your relationship to the next level. I will prepare you to create a safe place to be on top of the mountain not in the valley of despair. I will teach you skills from the latest research-based individual and couples therapy principles and techniques and help you understand your shadow work and discover the real purpose and meaning of your relationship challenges.

Long Term Results

I specialize in deep emotional healing and personal and relational transformation in all aspects of your life on all levels. You do not have to be religious to see me, however If you are religious, I will help you strengthen your faith and find more meaningful ways to connect with yourself and God. As an Interfaith minister, I have worked successful with a number of faiths. As a grace-filled Christian, I honor all spiritual paths that support compassionate dialogue and are rooted in love.

I specialize in Holistic, Faith-Based Counseling and Psychotherapy, Success Life /Relationship Coaching and Education for Individuals, Couples, and Business Professionals. The word Holistic means I see you in your totality. I address all aspects of your mind/body/relationship/spirit well-being not just personality traits, non-resourceful habits or diagnostic labels.

Whatever your relationship is at the moment, if you are you tired of the negative unfulfilled bonding pattern fueled by criticism, blame, avoidance and resentment, I can help you to learn how to break your negative cycle and build a nurturing, secure predictable bond and partnership.

I teach Advanced Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills to take all your relationships to the next level. I can help you with Post-traumatic stress (PTSD) Anxiety, Grief and Loss. I am over 30 years in recovery as an Addict/codependent and can help you gain clarity and find alternatives to your Addictions/ Codependence.. I provide you with a safe space for Deep Emotional Healing to finally resolve Family of Origin Issues. I can help you eliminate pain without drugs and get to the roots of a particular disease.

I’ll help also provide you the skills to experience emotional intimacy beyond what thought was possible.

I believe success in your relationship is the foundation for greater health, and success in all aspects of life including living longer and a happier more fulfilled life.

Join me and like many other successful clients of mine, (see testimonies) I’ll help you return to your original state of wholeness and reconnect with your Authentic Self to have your Best Self, Best Relationship and Best Life Ever.

Online Tele-Health Internet Counseling

It’s easy to receive counseling from the comfort of your home, car or office via encrypted Zoom, FaceBook, Messenger, Whats app video-conferences. Please note, I do not see people in-person and I do not treat, or attempt to diagnose, treat, cure any psychological/psychiatric diagnosis. I do not see my clients as sick nor do they see themselves as sick.

My ideal clients are successful in many areas of life, but feel a yearning for something more within themselves or their relationships. They know they deserve something more and are ready to receive it. I have numerous certifications and skills to help them live up to their fullness. Usually this deficit is a single area of their life that is holding them back. Since I specialize in removing blocks. Clients are amazed how their perspective and life changes when they are able to see themselves and feel themselves differently as well as see how others relate to them differently.

Request an appointment today. I look forward to learning more about you and partnering with you to reach all your goals.

Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D., D.Div.