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About Me and My Personal Mission

My name is Dr. Timothy Ryan. and I am the founder of The Association For Integration For The Whole Person (AIWP) Miracles Ministries a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit, Non-Denominational Spiritual /Religious Organization who’s mission is To Remove Barriers To Love, Heal And Enrich Relationships and Promote Conscious Intentional Living For A More Compassionate World. I practice as a Holistic, Spiritual, Faith Based Existential Theistic Minister and Individual, Relationship Counselor. I specialize in removing blocks to optimum Health and Wellness and Mind, Body, Relationship and Spirit Healing and Transformation.

As a solution-focused, faith-based counselor, healer, and wellness practitioner, my goal is to help you uncover and remove blocks to your Authentic Self, Discover your Soul Contracts or Imago and free you to realize your true spiritual potential and life and relationship fulfillment.


I believe it’s important to know about who we are working with at least in terms of their core beliefs, values mission statement. So what follows is an attempt to give you some information about me and my values and style of working with clients so you have a better idea what to expect. You may also review my testimonies to get a sense of my style of working.


I believe our true spiritual potential and ultimate mental health and happiness comes to us by reconnecting with our Authentic Self (Original Nature) rather than living life from our Adaptive or false self. Most of us grew up in various degrees of dysfunctional families and learned early to adapt by giving up parts of ourselves starting with giving up our connection to our feelings and needs. We created safety by disconnecting from our natural reasoning and intuition. We gave up our original nature or natural selves by becoming a false self perhaps a turtle or lightening bolt nature. Turtles adapt by constricting, under-reacting, rebelling, minimizing and becoming invisible denying feelings and needs.


On the other hand, we may have adapted by becoming lightening bolts, over-extending, over reacting, exaggerating our feelings and needs and demanding and blowing up when our needs are not met. It’s no wonder Turtles and lightening bolts have a Soul Contract and are intensely attracted to each other.


Whatever your adaptive style exaggerated responsibility or denying responsibility, being self centered or other centered, showing a poster board of obsessing on perfection or a poster board of martyrdom, sabotaging to get shame, you can heal these adaptations and come home to yourself. I will work with you excavate your Authentic Self. We will work together to remove any barriers to living a life of harmony, self-acceptance and flow. Whatever your challenges. I can help you to learn how to heal yourself from your adaptations to return to your original wholeness. I have many skills and ways to help you break free, discover a secure foundation and connect to your own inner wisdom based on the realization of Peace, Assurance, Gratitude, and Love (PAGL).


If you’re looking for extra support and spiritual guidance through a challenging situation or you’re just “tired of being tired” and ready to to get support to move in a new direction in your life and your relationship, we can work togethers as partners to help you see yourself, your relationship and your life purpose in an entirely new way.


I have been helping Adults, Couples, Parents, and Children as well as Business Professionals discover a fast track to peace and fulfillment for over thirty years now. I can help you remove physical, mental and emotional blocks and find your innate spiritual potential (True Self or Original Wholeness) by various processes of mind, body spirit healing, integration and transformation.


I have a high success rate working with a wide spectrum of individual and couples’ issues. (See Testimonies) I will support you, to bridge the gaps in your understanding and build on your own strengths and obtain your individual or couples goals. At the end of tour work together, you will have the skills and know how be able to have the life and relationship of your dreams, not your nightmares.

“At the end of our work together, you will have the skills and know how be able to have the life and relationship of your dreams, not your nightmares.”

My credentials include years of education and post graduate education in psychology and counseling, as well as working with numerous clients in my practice as a faith based counselor. I am certified in many wellness and energy healing techniques including being a Certified Master Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner and Trainer. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful tool for rapidly releasing negative emotions and pain, gently and easily. EFT works for reducing stress and negative emotional behavior patterns. As claimed in many of my testimonies, you can see significant results in as few as six sessions.

I am also a Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. and Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP) Trainer, I can teach you these easy to learn techniques so can help you clear a path to help you succeed in all areas of your life in ways you never imagined.


Often we are running unconscious programs that have their origins in past childhood injuries. What if you could totally re-write your past so that you were free of emotional baggage and could use it to empower your freedom to choose the future you want? I am also certified as a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. Matrix Reimprinting is a light hypnosis which is a very gentle, yet a profoundly effective technique that helps you resolve your past wounds and transform and re-envision your future. It allows you to unblock stuck energy patterns that are held in the past matrix (energy system or field of our unconscious mind.) to mover into your best future self.


NLP combined with light hypnosis and Matrix Reimprinting is most powerful, combination of effective techniques to transform any limiting belief or behavior pattern.

“I have been helping Adults, Couples, Parents, and Children as well as Business Professionals discover a fast track to peace and fulfillment for over thirty years now. I can help you remove physical, mental and emotional blocks “

What if you could transform your internal dialogue and destructive negative thinking loops and free yourself from the resulting downward spiral ? What would your life be about if you were able to start living an empowered life free of self-judgment and limiting beliefs and behavior patterns? Imagine having the skills to connect to and meet your needs in the moment. Imagine knowing how to ask, receive and claim what you want more effectively.


Our training program offers simple, effective communication and personal and relationship growth skills that will transform your thinking, feeling and empower you to have a better life. We offer gentle, easy to learn practical techniques to help you foster the healthy, satisfying success in your wealth, health, and relationships you’ve always wanted the beginning of course with your relationship with yourself.

“I offer Online Faith Based Professional Counseling Services for people seeking healing and enrichment of their lives. I offer services to those living in he US and throughout the world. I work with people of all faiths and those that have no faith. I honor all religions that have at their core unconditional love. I believe everyone at their core is a spiritual being whether they know it or not.”

My Core Value

I believe spiritual and emotional intimacy are at the root of all healthy and loving relationships. By increasing our ability to give and receive love, we empower ourselves to become “as perfect as our Father in Heaven” and we fulfill the our purpose of realizing heaven on earth. I have devoted my life and practice to being a place for divine love, wisdom and power to flow through me and empower others.


Self-Realization– I believe despite the content of one’s life, the ultimate context is Divine Love and our purpose is to know ourselves as such. As we practice being a place for Divine Love to express itself through Peace, Assurance, Gratitude, and Love, we become conduits for others to heal and become lighted. As Divine Love flows through us, we become by our very nature, a beneficial presence to the world.

Empathy – Sometimes call emotional intellengence. Empathy (connection to feelings and needs) creates a bond that transcends surface interactions. Imagine talking so others will listen and listening so others will talk. Wouldn’t life be more fulfilling if you had the necessary empathy and validation skills to connect with yourself and others more effectively? Empathy is the ability to understand and validate anothers feelings it allows a person to share in and build a deep emotional connection, Learning to listen and truly empathizes with another creates a sense of trust and understanding Empathy is the doorway to building intimacy and a key factor in building long strong lasting relationships.


Relationships – Relationships are so important because we get our sense of belonging from Relationships. Many are wounded in relationships and I believe a powerful healing can occur in the context of relationships. I celebrate all relationships that promote love through intimacy, healing, creativity, prosperity, and well-being.


Excellence – Excellence occurs when we know the Truth of who we are and perform well even when we are less than perfect. Excellence is knowing that we are made in the perfect image of God / Divine Love. Nothing can be added or taken away. My aspiration always is to be my most Authentic Self, and inspire others to do the same.


The Sphinx of Human Potential – I value the symbolism of the sphinx relating to our human nature. We all have the Sphinx within us. The spiritual discernment of seeing (the eyes of the Sphinx) The mental capacity of the Sphinx, (the human head of the Sphinx) relating to human consciousness and intention and the reactive mind or body instincts (The body of Sphinx as the lion)
I honor humanity seeking to free itself from the chains of mediocracy and blind obedience to its reactive human conditions and submission to learned helplessness and restrictive limitations.

My hope and prayer is to be able to encourage and teach all people the skills to break free of their dream of separation and pursue their spiritual nature with inspired dreams of creative manifestation. I support anyone receptive of expressing their innate greatness to work with me to remove the blocks to knowing the truth of their original nature. I support everyone to discover and develop their gifts for the greater good.


Self Care – giving priority to our health and well-being. It goes beyond taking care of one’s body. Self-care reflects a sense of responsibility and commitment to our own needs mattering and encourages others to do the same.


Sense of Humor – is what makes us human allows us to connect in our humanity and makes our interactions more enjoyable. A good sense of humor allows us to relax and simply be ourselves. It also creates a deeper bond. Shared laughter creates a sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding.


Humility and Reverence –creates an atmosphere of awarenesss for the highest good, It encoumpasses a genuine sense of authenticity. It is subtle but powerful in that it connects us to our Spirit and sacred connection to others. It creates safety and respect for life. I believe that each person’s personal history is also sacred, and each person’s story is sacred in the sense that it provides the impetus for healing and gives us newfound purpose. Telling and understanding our story is important to help us return become self-aware and discover our Soul Contracts or our Imago. It also helps us to move on in our evolutionary path.


Community – Part of our humanity is to share and connect to a tribe. I love to collaborate and partner with others to improve the quality of life.


Justice – I advocate for justice on all levels and support and encourage restorative justice to heal wounds and transgressions. I support the healing process of everyone taking responsibility for their actions and promoting a society in which everyone’s needs matter.


Courage, Serenity, and Wisdom – I humbly pray for the serenity to accept the things I can not change the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. This is a learning process to know what’s mind to take action on and what belongs to others and what belongs to God and is none of my business.


Compassion – I believe compassion is the foundation of our own and others happiness. I am always touched by anyone willing to share their human condition and suffering. I always strive to release suffering and return individuals to their wholeness whenever possible.


Environment – I love nature as a symbol of our very own nature. I believe there is great peace and serenity that comes from being in nature. I care for the environment because of its inter-connectedness with myself and all of life.


Integrity and Trust – I believe that when we keep our agreements and live up to our values, we build strength of character and gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing we can trust ourselves to stay in our Integrity. I also believe our power and integrity grows stronger when we are able to make amends and learn to correct ourselves when we are out of integrity. I do my best to under promise and over deliver. I pause before making agreements and honor my agreements to the best of my ability. I have learned a technique call “The Amends Process” which I have found very helpful in building trust with myself and my relationships. Contact my office to get a copy.

My Background and Development of My Personal Philosophy

My calling to heal individual wounds comes from growing up in an alcoholic, dysfunctional family with repeated rejection, criticism, shame, violence and abandonment. I remember coming down the stairs as age six in our Washington DC apartment and seeing my parents and their friends passed out with the smell of stale beer and cigarettes and seeing bottles of empty Jack Daniels and beer cans all around.

This was my first realization that there were no adults to care for me and I was on my own. I felt alienated and knew I didn’t belong to this family. Before I turned seven, my parents divorced and I was fortunate to be sent to live with my Grandparents in Jacksonville Florida. I loved growing up and living in the back woods of Florida where there was plenty outdoor adventure and lots of nature. I believe living in Florida was my first spiritual experience. This began my soul’s journey to discover my true nature in nature and my real home creating a witness as a place for observing life and the beginning of as my spiritual identity.

In spite of my attaining significant academic success, my first thirty years of life were about suffering from addictions, codependency and other self-destructive compulsive sabotaging habits such as exaggerated responsibility and perfectionism. I’m grateful for this suffering now because of the teachings it offered me.


After I completed my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I work for years in Social Services as a Supervisor and Senior Social Worker in a Court Ordered Counseling Diversion Program for the Orange County California Juvenile Court. My main task was supervising and training counseling interns, who themselves were often traumatized working with abused children and their families. I have seen the worst of the worst and have learned to understand it in terms of mis-education, ignorance, and core shame projections and acting out.


It was during my time working with the Juvenile Court, I got in touch with my own childhood wounding and compulsive behaviors including three hospitalizations for depression, co-dependency, and addiction. It was at this time, I first discovered how to free myself from my limiting beliefs and got my first taste of sobriety or sanity. Since this time, I have been blessed to work with the most transformational teachers, healers and therapists of our time.

I have since devoted my life since to simplifying and teaching these transformational skills to others. I am still evolving but I can honestly say I’m a long way from being a prisoner of my family of origin child-hood wounds. I have claimed my original wholeness and seek daily fulfillment of my True Self (Authentic Self ) and seek to be a place for Divine Love to shine to make the world a better place. There are two ways I fulfill this calling.

In my practice, I know I am not the healer but healing does come through me. The major focus of my work is to help people discover their true identity, made in the image of God or as Expressions of Divine Love.

I am grateful to know that as a person grows, there is an increasing ability to show Grace, Compassion and Love to oneself and others. Reactive emotions/behaviors diminish, loneliness subsides and well-being and prosperity become more apparent in our relationships and life. We become more enthusiastic (derived from the Greek root word “Inspired from The God Within”).

Being one-up and perfect are no longer necessary, there’s nothing to prove, projecting blame and criticism are also unnecessary, there’s nothing to defend. All reactive behaviors that come out of an adaptive self are seen as fruitless for achieving any sense of peace, well-being and/or relationship intimacy. Addictions, shame, guilt, fear, anxiety and other reactive behaviors diminish. Humility flows effluence and affluence are maintained as we begin to live out of our integrity and trust our spiritual voice or wisdom within.


We learn ways to process and better understand our issues. We learn how to turn away from the darkness and move toward the light. We learn a new sense of priority concerning our value system based on “Choosing Love over reacting . We manage our relationships, our careers and our wealth from a viewpoint of the highest “Good” “Love” or Loving or “God” We learn to trust this new found serenity (peace and love within) and build on it in our day to day interactions.

I’m also grateful to know as we strive to make a contribution from “natural giving” rather than giving to get our hearts continue to open. We are happy expressing our gifts because love seeks to fill the void and keeps us in divine alignment. Health and well-being and intimacy occur naturally when we are in loving relationships to ourselves, others and with our Divine Creator. We become a presence or Love to shine and others are raised up as we flow from this Divine Alignment.

I have studied world religions and I have practiced various spiritual traditions and lived in various ashrams and spiritual centers. This includes both Buddhist and Hindu as well as Christian. In my heart I have always remained a Christian however, I respect all paths to God. I honor people of all faiths that are consistent with unconditional love.

There are all kinds of Religions as well as Christians, I have experienced non Christians even atheist show more christian love than some legalistic, bible pounding christians I have known “by their fruits you shall know them” (Matthew 7:16).


So when I say I am Christian please don’t judge or stereotype me. As I said I respect all religions and I am very open-minded. Regardless of your faith or non-belief, I only ask that you keep an open mind and test your beliefs with how they raise your energy up or let you down. As a Faith Based Minister and Counselor, I am not here to judge or compete with other religions or make you believe anything. I am not any better or worse than anyone else. We are all on the path of learning and discovery.


I am here to work and help others work on increasing discernment. When I’m in alignment or out of alignment with my Source, I have learned that making amends and correcting my attitudes and behaviors is the fastest way to get back to peace and harmonious relationships. When we are not congruent with our true nature or unconditional love we suffer. Suffering is about learning not beating ourselves up. My practice is about helping others learn and grow steadily into greater harmony with themselves, others and the world. I practice taking inventory and encourage others to do the same.


If you have a “I vs. You” or “we vs them” rigid belief system and are not open to looking at how it affects you and others you will experience frustration working with me. if you tend toward legalistic, rigid thinking, you won’t get much out of our sessions or like working with me. I offer faith based existential theistic counseling. Many of my techniques are dialectic (looking at contrasts). This means being open to new discoveries of who you are and what the long range outcome of your thinking and acting might be or the impact on others and examining what your purpose is in the scheme of things.


When we choose to see and love ourselves as God sees and loves us and know we are created in the image and likeness of God, we build loving relationships with each other based on our knowing true intimacy, we naturally experience more ease, joy, creativity and prosperity. By being our Authentic Selves, we become beneficial presences and contribute richly to the elevation of human consciousness.


I can help you discover a new you to get the love you want and keep the love you find. I teach concrete skills you can use right away to discover a positive path to personal and relationship well-being and fulfillment. I teach individuals and couples to understand their shadow parts and see their relationship as a path to spiritual growth.


I offer my services in the U.S. and through out the world via Zoom, Facebook, messenger and WhatsApp video-conference.


All information is totally confidential and privileged. You can also see me anonymously if you wish. From the ease and convenience of your living room, meditative sanctuary you can connect with me using the internet.

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    Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D D.Div.