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Do You Believe in a Mind Body Connection?

Are You Overwhelmed With Stress?
Is Your Life Out of Balance?
Are You Tired of Being Tired?

Do you Suffer From Recurring Physical Symptoms That Don’t Go Away?
Are You ready to Learn Easy Gentle, Non-invasive, Powerful Techniques To Release Stress and Return You To Your Original Wholeness?

If You Answer “Yes” You Are In The Right Place.

Physical pain and illness can be exhausting and take time and energy away from your enjoyment of relationships and even life itself not to mention your finances and emotional security.

If you are struggling with physical symptoms, you know it can cause its own stress and that stress can cause more physical symptoms. It can be a vicious cycle. Medication can help but also lead to other side effects causing more stress and physical health challenges.

If you suffer from stress and physical symptoms that don’t go away and are confused about what to do, I can help you find clarity, balance and relief.

I can help you find the root cause of your stress and physical symptoms affecting your health and help free you.

I Offer Health and Wellness Counseling and Coaching.

Did you know that research states that 95% of diseases can be traced to the root cause of stress?

I am a Board Certified as a Health and Wellness Practitioner specializing in Holistic Energy Healing and Mind, Body, Spirit Integration with the American Alternative Medical Association (AAMA)

I have been trained and hold certifications with many other counseling and holistic health modalities such as Advanced Clearing Energetics, Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming as well as others.I have been trained in many state of the art Energy Healing Principles and tools in addition to Meta-Health,

I specialize in Meta-Health Coaching and Holistic Energy Healing to provide you a fast tract to peace, health and wellness. Meta-Health is the science, practice and art of Body-Mind-Social Health with a focus on how specific stress triggers emotions and beliefs affect specific organ symptoms.


As a Board Certified Meta-Health Practitioner, I use a number of techniques to help identify and address the underlying causes of your health issues. I can help you to better understand your symptoms from a larger viewpoint and help support you to know what to do to finally get physical, emotional, relief and resolution.

I am also an ordained minister an faith-based counselor psychotherapist specializing in mind, body spirit integration and healing. I can help you not only see the larger picture of what’s going on but help you reconnect to your original nature or source of well-being and harmony. I can help you release blocks draining your well-being. My goal is to help you return to balance by reconnecting your higher self.

My techniques are gentle, non-invasive, and evidence based. They have been proven to help those seeking an alternative to or wish to work in conjunction with their doctors and the medical model.

These Powerful techniques can help you gently and easily release negative beliefs, emotions and stress producing patterns. In as few as six sessions You will understand the meaning of your symptoms so you can get clarity and begin to change thought, emotion and behavior patterns.


In over thirty years of practice, I have seen miracles occur naturally with myself and others when blocks such as limiting beliefs and energy patterns are removed. I can help you gain awareness and see your physical health challenge from an entirely new perspective.


Most mind, body, health issues also have a spiritual challenge at their core. Put quiet simply most of our challenges are due to limiting beliefs, behavior habits and stuck or blocked energy patterns. I specilaze in helping you remove these blocks and return to your original wholeness.


Together we will become a team to discover the true meaning of your health challenges. I will support you to develop new skills and habits to go to the next level in your health and benefit all aspects of your life. In just a few sessions, clients report they feel differently have symptom relief and see themselves totally differently with more clarity and insight.

Are you ready to finally ready get physical, emotional resolution and relief. I offer Health and Wellness Counseling On Line. I have been trained in many state of the art Energy Healing principles and tools such as Meta-Health, Emotional Freedom Techniques and various energy healing modalities.


These Powerful techniques can help you gently and easily release negative beliefs and emotions and understand the meaning of your symptoms so you can change behavior patterns.


I am a Board Certified Health and Wellness Practitioner specializing in Holistic Energy Healing and Mind, Body, Spirit Integration with the American Alternative Medical Association (AAMA) and I have many other certifications specializing in Mind, Body, Spirit Healing and Integration.


Medical research now understands that the majority of illnesses are due to stress and that stress is largely due to feelings separated, isolated and alone without resources.

Few if any realize the importance much less seek answers from a larger perspective. Important question to ask yourself is “Who would I be if I didn’t have this disease or illness?” “What would my new challenges be?” “Who was I before I was born into this body, this life this story I tell myself about myself and life?” These questions take us into the spiritual dimension of existence. So check in with yourself concerning your health issue.

Are you spiritually disconnected?
Are you needing support because you are struggling with emotions such as anxiety, anger and depression?
Do you believe your current lifestyle and or interactions may contribute to your health issue?
Are you not able to connect to your peace and harmony and spiritual potential?
Do you believe there is a larger purpose and meaning for your life?
Do You have too much stress to be present with yourself?

If you have an interest in answering or working on any of these questions, make an appointment with me and begin the journey today and I can teach you to become more grounded, stress free and self aware as well as spiritually connected.

I specialize in mind, body spirit integration and healing. I can also help you see the larger picture of what going on and help you release blocks and reconnect to your higher self. Miracles occur naturally when you are able to remove blocks to awareness and can  see your problem from a larger perspective.

Most mind, body, relationship issues have a spiritual challenge at their core. Put quiet simply most of our problems are due to limiting beliefs and habits. Together we will become a team to discover the true meaning of your problems. I will support you to develop new skills and habits to go to  the next level in all aspects of your life. In just a few sessions, clients report they feel differently and see themselves with more clarity and insight.




Online Tele-Health Internet Counseling


If you have ever needed support any of your challenges and/or health issue but time and travel were inconvenient, online counseling sessions are the perfect way to get the support you need to pursue personal growth to overcome time, travel restrictions and even financial limitations. Online counseling is much less than in person counseling which can run as high as $250 dollars a session for an initial intake and $185. dollars a session. Online counseling also can give you the same results as in person counseling to help you gain perspective and improve coping and diminish you health challenges and replace them with a higher calling.

I now only see clients online. If you are short on time because of a busy schedule? Today more and more people are seeking coaching and/or counseling on online. Online / internet counseling can be helpful for those who have physical limitations and/or dealing with recent traumatic events or simply want the ease and convenience of working from home.

You can work with me without ever leaving your home, office, car or your meditation sanctuary. From the ease and convenience of your living room, you can connect with me using the internet.


Is Online Counseling Effective?


According to google Online counseling is just as effective as in-person sessions. Researchers looked at more than 60 studies and found that online counseling was just as effective as face-to-face for most people with anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PSTD.) Benefits also include being more Accessible, Comforting, Convenient, and Private

Studies also show that your mind and your body are strongly linked and it’s important to look at all aspects affecting your health and well-being. I personal believe and have seen that physical healing depends greatly on being able to connect and understand your body, mind, and spiritual issues from a higher perspective or truth connection. Clients often report to me that just having a safe place to talk can be beneficial to put things in perspective and make helpful changes.

“We will work together to remove any and all stress and limitations. My focus is on helping you remove any and all mind, body spiritual blocks so that you recover your full aliveness and peace of mind.”

How Does It Work?

Clients learn skills that have been shown to reduce and eliminate unwanted stress, anger, difficult events, loss, sadness, guilt and shame which are the underlying basis of stress. Negative reactions to trauma, feared situations and addictive substances are replaced with positive loving feelings of calmness and aware centeredness. Energy Healing approaches balance energy pathways to rapidly diminish disturbances in thought, reactive behavior and emotion. Energy Healing also provides tools that have been shown to quickly assess unconscious beliefs and resistances, release limiting beliefs and blocked emotions as well as promote readiness to change and strengthen positive attitudes.


You body has an autonomic nervous system, which is divided into sympathetic ( a stress response (fight flight) and a parasympathetic (relaxation response). Once an emotional response is triggered there is an opportunity to change the way you react. By tapping Energy Therapy is a comprehensive set of tools such as Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT and Tapas Acupressure Therapy TAT to intervene on the stress response and releases stress to replace it with the relaxation response to calm you in response to the triggered event. Clients report that, unlike conventional therapies there is no reliving stressful events over and over again and the pain of the problem has disappeared.


With On-Line Counseling You Can You Remain Anonymous?
You may be drawn to the idea of online counseling/ coaching on the Internet because it feels more private. If you feel more comfortable, you may wish to be anonymous in your session, especially if you plan to discuss a sensitive or uncomfortable topics. You may also may wish to have no record, notes or documentation of any kind. (Please tell me this at your first counseling session )


All Information Confidential and Privileged. Dr. Ryan practice as a Pastoral Faith Based Minister and Counselor, as well as a Health and Wellness Counselor so your information is fully protected and privileged information. You are also protected by the second amendment via signing the Health and Wellness Agreement and checking you want to see Dr. Ryan as a Minister. This provides another layer of protection in that no one can have access to any information because it is privileged and Absolutely Confidential in the terms of the Health and Wellness Agreement. If you still have questions and concerns Please discuss this in a free get acquainted session by phone and make arrangements with Dr. Ryan to give you greater security and peace of mind.

Dr Ryan has over thirty years of a proven success in helping thousands of individuals and couples discover and eliminate their root cause of unhappiness. He loves teaching anyone receptive fast, easy to learn problem solving skills to transform any mind/body/relationship challenges.

“I believe that our health is the foundation of our passion and aliveness and is the doorway to being our Best Self, having our Best Relationships and Best Life Ever.
Set up Appointment Today to and come home to yourself.”


Legal Disclaimer


Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D. does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems or any disease. He recommends that all his clients seek the advice of a physician, or licensed medical professional either directly or indirectly as an adjunct to seeing him for his services.


Although Dr Ryan is educated with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, he does not practice as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist nor does he see clients for the purpose of treating, diagnosing or curing illness in any way.


Dr Ryan prefers to see individuals in terms of their wholeness rather than their diseases and defects. Dr. Ryan’s desire is to help you improve mind, body, relational health as an adjunct to medical care and dis-ease model.


Dr. Ryan also works with you as a spiritual being who is fully capable with unlimited innate resources available when physical, emotional, metal blocks are removed and certain skillsets are incorporated. He practices as an Ordained Minister, Pastoral Faith Based Counselor and Health and Wellness Counselor.


The intent of this website is educational and is intended to only offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, mental, emotional spiritual integration and wellbeing.


As such, all information provided in this website is offered only as general self help information. Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D. D.Div. and any of his affiliates nor is this AIWP Miracles Ministry represented on this website do not prescribe drugs or authorize the treatment for diagnosed conditions in any way or instance.

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