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Frequent Questions

Although Dr. Ryan has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is a retired member of the American Psychotherapy Association, holding Fellow and Diplomate Status, he does not practice as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist.   His services do not include diagnosing or attempting to cure pathology or treat any form of physical or mental illness or disease which constitutes the conventional practice of psychology and medicine. 

Dr. Ryan practices is sanctioned under  The  Association for Integration of The Whole Person, ecclesiastic member organizations promoting spirit, body-mind healing and integration which is beyond the oversight of state legislative governance. 

Dr. Ryan practices as a Ministeral Faith Based Counselor, Mind, Body, Spirit Healing and Relationship Expert, Pastoral Marriage Family Counselor, Spiritual Director and Professional Life and Relationship Coach.

As a Faith Based Minister and Holistic Intuitive Mind, Body Spirit Healer, Dr. Ryan does not diagnose or work with insurance companies. He believes how a person sees him or herself is critical to the healing and growth process.   To give a diagnostic label to a client  may give the client justification to maintain it as an identity where he or she is apt to reframe all their issues to align with it.
Reframing from NLP is a powerful technique, and like any technique, it can be used in a positive or a negative way.  A negative label or reframe can focus the client in a downward spiral easily adding more problems by feeling helpless and focusing negative.  Clients have actually developed a self- fulling prophecy and in some cases have become sicker and even died from being given false labels.

Dr. Ryan specializes in removing blocks to promote mind, body, spirit, integration and healing and emotional relationship well-being.   His desire as an Ordained Christian Faith Based Minister and alternative and Holistic Complimentary Practitioner is to work with you as an integrated whole, complete spiritual individual, who wishes to promote healing and well-being in contrast to traditional sickness.  

Dr. Ryan is not a Traditional Clinical State Licensed Practitioner.  He prefers to use the holistic model and see you as a spiritual being, a whole and complete, human being possessing a wealth of undiscovered underdeveloped strengths, assets, and resources all of which are available when limitations and blocks are removed.
Working under AIWP he does not provide any clinical mental health exams or psychological testing.  His practice is based solely on helping you return to experiencing yourself in your original nature “Love” and connecting you with your unlimited source in wholeness.  Dr. Ryan believes all problems are psychological in nature and all solutions are spiritual in nature.

As a Faith Based Healer, Dr. Ryan  does not diagnose, treat or attempt to cure pathology.  Under  AIWP his work is far beyond the clinical realm of testing/diagnosing or treating pathlogy.  Dr. Ryan does not propose to treat pathology or practice in any way conventional work as a traditional sick care Mental Health Practitioner. 

Dr. Ryan does support clients to see their problems in a broader context.  If you are open to a mind/body connection you will discover a your experiences as extensions of misperceptions and misunderstandings  where you became separated  from your original nature or spiritual essence and wholeness.   Dr. Ryan also supports you to focus on what you want not on what you don’t want.
There are spiritual awareness tempermant inventories and spiritual gifts assessments, Dr. Ryan may suggest that are optional for individuals and couples to develop greater self awareness of shadow parts and gifts.  These assessments can often help you better understand yourself, your temperament and your spiritual gifts to allow you to work with yourself rather than against yourself.
You are not required to take these assessments unless you agree it would be helpful to  better understand yourself and offer insight to help you identify and begin to remove blocks and release physical, emotional mental barriers to your hightest good.   Clients often enjoy taking the Enneagram and discovering more about their spiritual gifts and default shadow fixations that keep them stuck in a limiting non resourceful  human condition resulting in dissatisfying  relationships or despairing behavior patterns.

Aa an Inter Faith Based Minister and Pastoral Faith Based Healer, and Professional Pastoral Counselor abiding by the First Amendment of the Constitution, Dr. Ryan, does not take insurance.  Insurance Companies focus on pathology and diagnostic lables which can follow a patient and become stigmas later in life, preventing employment opportunies.  Insurance Companies increasingly only cover patients with chronic, emotional extreem mental issues  I have chosen not to focus on pathology and diagnostic labels which is outside my scope of practice.  Insurance information also can not be guaranteed confidential. see Why I Joined The Pastoral Medical Association


Insurance Reimbursements also falls under Doctor / Patient  HIPPA Agreements which is outside our scope and practice under the First Amendment.


If you see Dr. Ryan, you will need to sign a Health and Wellness Agreement , which specifically describes Dr. Ryan’s function as a Mind, Body Spirit Integration and Pastoral Healer stating that:


By Signing Below, I agree To Be Willing to be Open To Attuning and Developing Coherence with Mind, Body, Spirit, Healing, Integration and Wellness Support as stipulated by the terms of this Health and Wellness Agreement Form. 


I understand that although, Dr. Ryan has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, he is does not practice as a state licensed Psychologist and (as stated in the Health and Wellness Agreement) his intention is to solely improve mind, body, spirit health as an adjunct to medical care, and as such, his services do not include diagnosing or attempting to cure pathology or treat any form of physical mental illness or disease which constitutes the conventional practice of psychology and medicine.

The Association for the Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP)  was founded by Mel Suhd in 1976  so that spiritual persons, prepared to serve their communities, can do so in ways that assure the blessings of self-empowerment, psychologically and educationally, leading to peace for persons of goodwill.  It is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Religious Charitable Organization EIN # 95-3455451.




Religious: “a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.”


Spiritual: “non-material, eternal, may or may not be part of religion, sacred, devotional, or ecclesiastical; not lay or temporal.”  


Mel Suhd, the Founder of AIWP states that “AIWP was not founded to proselytize. It was not founded to compete with other religions. It was founded to honor the reality that each of us forms values and principles that many religions embrace. ”   Spiritual principles and values such as Peace, Assurance, Gratitude, and Love make up the spiritual essence of our original wholeness and are a doorway to connecting with God, Holy Spirit, Infinite Wisdom or our Divine Nature the essence of who we are.


  • Peace knowing that I am a Child of God
  • Assurance: Knowing that all my needs are met through God’s Love
  • Gratitude: Knowing Gratitude is the way I walk in Love
  • Love:  Extending these values to others is the way I stay in Love.


Dr Suhd goes on to say “These individual values and precepts are the foundation of each person’s spiritual life. Thus, each of us can see ourselves as parishioners and leaders in many religions. Each of us can nourish ourselves by being in harmony with other religions and partaking of the unique values and principles that fit comfortably in the path we take. With this mission, AIWP ordinations have grown substantially over the years.


AIWP has been instrumental in helping its members perform their religious/spiritual work freely and peaceably. There are over 500 concregations of AIWP each serving the community to help provide Mind, Body, Spirit Integration and Healing.  Correspondence over the years has confirmed that the IRS and local and state officials still honor the separation of church and state so clearly mandated in the Constitution of the United States. They recognize AIWP as they do other registered religions.

AIWP Miracles Ministry is a member congregation of AIWP founded in 1994 with its own mission to provide a safe, nurturing sanctuary for removing barriers to giving and receiving love and teaching skils for self/other compassionate connection.  AIWP Miracles Ministry also provides a number of community services such as weddings, prayer requests as well as  providing marriage and relationship counseling to promote mind, body spirit integration and healing for a more compassionate world.

You do not have to be religious to see Dr. Ryan.  You Do not have to be Christian or even spiritual to see Dr. Ryan.  You will need to have a open mind and consider that there is something bigger, more grand than you organizing and harmonizing the universe. 
The Association for Integration of the Whole person and The Pastoral Medical Association both believe everyone is on a spiritual journey whether they recognize it or not.   To see Dr. Ryan you only have to sign the PMA Health and Wellness Member Share Agreement and be open to spiritual attunment.
As a faith-based minister and  mental health professional, Dr. Ryan is open to serve clients of any or no religious affiliation.  Dr. Ryan only asks that you be open to exploring and understanding yourself as a whole person which includes your physical body, / emotional body, mental body and your spiritual nature (that which is eternal without beginning or end). 
Dr Ryan only asks that the person or couple be to shifting their perspective and be willing or open to seeing their issues from a larger perspective and identify the meaning behind their challenges.
Absolutely !!
Dr. Ryan respects all religious viewpoints and  is open to helping clients validate their own religious faith to have a stronger connection to it.  Dr. Ryan also enjoys helping a client to look at his or her spiritual or religious orgins and if it’s right for the client, to help him or her to strengthen or integrate his /her spiritual beliefs and practices within the therapeutic process. 
Part of AIWPs committment is to help clients reclaim their origins and discover “new life in old bones.”  Ezekiel 37:5  Dr. Ryan is  comfortable with all walks of life and particularly in The Christian Tradition to see you as “a new creature in Christ.”  2 Corinthians 5:17 · Dr. Ryan has worked with clients holding a varity of religious views and couples of different faiths attempting to come together with their differences.    His wife grew up in the Jewish Tradition and now practices Buddhism and Christianity.  Dr. Ryan  has been successful helping couples come together and  has written vows for Jewish, Christian Buddhist.

Mel Suds the founder of AIWP, stated that “A major element of the mission of AIWP is to encourage individuals to reaffirm their religion of heritage. “Honor thy Mother and Father” means honoring one’s genesis, one’s own coming into being. No one has come into this world as a perfect human being. Nor was anyone’s religion of origin perfect.


Dr. Ryan only asks that you be open to exploring and understanding yourself as a whole person which includes your physical body, / emotional body, mental body and your spiritual nature (that which is eternal without beginning or end).

Dr Ryan is Christian by Faith.  He  believes God is the ultimate Healer and Jesus the Redeemer and Savior.  He seeks to make his practice a place for God to Shine and  allow Holy Spirit to clear blocks and restore clients to their  Holy Perfection or original wholeness.

Dr. Ryan also believes his spiritual practice is an important part of his own healing and personal security and peace of mind.  “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” King James Bible …. Matthew 18:20

Dr. Ryan could not do the work he does without a close personal connection to Jesus and Spiritual Laws.

Dr. Ryan  believes God is the ultimate Healer and Jesus the Redeemer and Savior. He seeks to make his practice a place for God to Shine and  allow Holy Spirit to clear blocks and restore clients to their  Holy Perfection or original wholeness.

Dr  Ryan’s intention and scope of practice is to work with high functioning, open minded, spiritually receptive individuals and couples who are willing to learn and use evidenced based relationship healing methods, with Spritual Principles and Truths along with  non invasive gentle Holistic Techniques that support clients to  remove mind, body, spirit relationship blocks.
As an Ordained Minister and Pastoral Counselor and Professional Coach trained in Hypnosis, NLP and numerous Energy Healing Techniques, Dr Ryan does not work with the mentally ill. Dr. Ryan does not purport to diagnose, or attempt to cure any severe physical or mental illness. If you have a diagnostic personality, mental disorder such as those from The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, please see a traditional licensed mental health professional. Having said that Dr. Ryan believes that all things are possible with God and God’s Love is a powerful healing force.
Having said that, an Dr. Ryan blieves God is the final decision maker and God’s Love is a Powerful Healing Force.


Dr Ryan works on-line, by phone as well as in person to heal and transform physical, mental, emotional, relationship blocks as well as spiritual challenges. 

Dr Ryan has Found the the Phone, works especially well to invite Holy Spirit to interceed into the session with very positive results. By the end of our work together you will have confidence in to trust in your spiritual wisdom to guide you and have confidence in your skills to resolve issues and know the real meaning of love and trust in a secure bond. 

Whether you needing support to get over a rough patch or you are not feeling right and in despair, grieving multiply cumulative past losses, which you have put off, and now need resolution. Dr. Ryan can help you let go, or say Good Bye to what does’nt work and helo to a more meaningful future. In can also help you discover a fast track to peace with a more fulfilling and freeing perspective. 

Dr. Ryan has been successful with numerous individuals, couples, parents and children doing phone counseling. Helping overcome a number of issues dealing grief, anger, conflict and anxiety, insecurity, panic attacks, not feeling safe, isolation, loneliness, emptiness, as well as individuals and couples experiencing lack of passion or numbness. 

Dr Ryan’s education includes having a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Divinity. His Doctorate emphasized the Integration of Spiritual Values In The Healing, Education, and Therapeutic Process” 

Dr. Ryan practices as a Mind, Body, Relationship Healing and Integration Coach, an Ordained Minister and Faith Based Counselor specializing in Individual and Mariage Family Counseling. He has also been Certified in Hypnosis, NLP, EFT Energy Healing, and is well versed in many conflict resolution methods.

Dr. Ryan has trained with the leading authorities in Healing and Marriage and Family Counseling including Imago Therapy by Harviille Hendrix, Ph.D., Mars and Venus by John Gray, Emotionally Focused Therapy by Sue Johnson, Ph.D. Relationship Science of Love Compassionate Dialogue by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD 

Dr Ryan has also trained as a Life Relationship Expert Coach helping individual and families and Business Professionals discover a fast track to peace and success and more meaningful business and family relationship fulfillment. 

Dr. Ryan has also trained with the leading Energy Healing and Transformation Authorities of our time including Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Ph.D. Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine, Silvia Hartmann, Energy EFT, and many others. 

Dr. Ryan’s Approach is Simple To Help You Discover Your Blocks and Remove Them and Discover Skills to Increase Your Passion and Aliveness

He believes that ultimate success in any endeavor requires us to learn how to better give and receive love. He teaches simple easy to learn techniques: To Ground with Our Bodies, Keep Our Hearts Open, and Soar with Our Spirits. Dr Ryan has been in practice over thirty years.

Dr Ryan has had a successful practice for over thirty years and has put together a state of the art skill training program that combines proven, evidence based, successful principles and techniques that can help anyone receptive, eliminate the root cause of suffering and go to the next level

Dr Ryan has has been successful with numerous clients with a variety of personal and relationship challenges. 

As part of his faith based relationship counseling and coaching practice, he has been successful with couples who are just beginning and want to lay a secure foundation with better communication, couples who have been in relationship for awhile and are stuck, and couples who are on the verge of terminating their relationship and want to see if it can be saved.

Over eighty percent of the individuals, parents and couples who complete the Returning To Love Training Program say they their experience with the program was successful and those who decided to part say their relationship and their communication is still better than many of their married friends. Link See Testimonies

Dr Ryan is passionate about helping individual and couples discover their integrated wholeness and live a more conscious, intentional and compassionate lifestyle.

Dr Ryan’s sessions are solution focused and you will find him to be is non-judgemental, compassionate, and heart centered. He offers you clarity with a safe, supportive, positive up-lifting experience. He will help you not only gain insight into your challenges but gain the necessary skills to remove blocks and be able to move forward with your relationship and life.

Dr Ryan’s focus is on wellness rather than managing symptoms he builds on your strength and not sickness. He believes each person and/or couple, when given the necessary skills to guide them, can awaken to their natural state of wholeness, perfection and love. He helps couples realize that although they are not perfect they are perfect for each other. He helps individuals and couples to realize they have a soul contract and because of shadow work, it’s important to learn the lessons before they move on.

While sessions are tailored to individual and couple’s need’s, most sessions focus on integrating a body/mind/spirit approach that includes Energy Healing and Success Training with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Advanced Self/Other Communication Training Techniques.

Dr Ryan is committed to helping you learn skills you can use the rest of your life to enhance your health, wealth and relationships in a fun, relaxed and ease to learn manner.

Yes, Dr. Ryan respects all faiths and has worked with many faiths and religions. As an interfaith minister, he has worked with and married couples from various religious faiths to help them better understand and deepen their spiritual connection to themselves and each other.

One of the many benefits of seeing Dr. Ryan as an Ordained Minister and Pastoral Faith Based Counselor is that your information is not only completely confidential but it is also priviledged. This is not the case for state licensed psychologist and counselors. 

When seeing Dr. Ryan your infomration is absolutely Confidential and Priviledged. This means that all infomation shared between the minster and counselees is not admissible in any court of law. Neither the client nor the minister can be forced to testify in court, or in a deposition or other legal procedures. This includes all communication regarding any act intended to transmit an idea, whether verbal or nonverbal. This includes speech, letters, phone calls, actions and even the minister’s observations of a persons demeanor.