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Use META Healing In Various Aspects Of Your Life.

On-Line Internet /Phone Coaching with META Healing™

If you’re considering the benefits of Individual or Couples Counseling but time, gas, and travel are concerns for you, you can have counseling now on-line and never have to be away from your home or office. The convenience and privacy of the telephone are also advantages. Getting to and from a counseling office can sometimes create additional stress, and once you arrive you never know who you’ll meet in the waiting room! Telephone counseling, on the other hand, does not even require a baby-sitter. Most of my clients are able to entertain their children with a games or video while they are talking to me.
The idea that a counselor has to be physically presence to get benefit is simply not true. In fact, I’ve discovered that people have powerful transformations and breakthroughs with telephone sessions that didn’t happen in their private in person sessions. The telephone sessions seemed to free them in a dramatic way to open up on a deeper level where in the office they were either too embarrassed or too stressed to connect with their core feelings and needs. . While discussing issues on-line or via telephone you get all the help you need with complete privacy and very little initial effort. For ease and convenience I offer all my services online and by telephone using skype, google hanout and face book.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help you in the comfort of your own home or office create your best life/relationship possible, on your schedule and in the convenience of your own setting contact me to schedule a FREE Twenty Minute PHONE CONSULTATION.  I look forward to speaking with you! CALL 949-250-1423


Where ever you go, what ever you do,
the quality of your relationships will be the ultimate determination
of your well-being and happiness.
Your secure relationships will be your best predictor of success.
People are most alive, vital and creative
when they have secure attachments and predicable affection.
Blessed are those who have the modeling and skills
to know how to maintain this source of vitality, inspiration, and creativity.
Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D., D.Div.

Marriage Family Child Counseling With

Meta Communication Relationship Skill Training And META Healing™

We invite those receptive individuals, couples, families and parents and children to join us and learn how to change and up-grade their communication patterns.
We offer state of the art skill training and counseling sessions.
You will receive support and coaching to learn principles and skills to transform all aspects of your life and relationship patterns. In our counseling sessions, we teach you how to look deeper into your conflicts and understand the meta communication of what’s going on. (It’s not what your saying but more how your saying it)
In our counseling sessions, we teach couples how to be aware of the outcome of their patterns and become conscious and intentional to know how to change them. We help you understand the needs underlying your conflict and support you to know how to better meet your needs. One may be demanding because of fear of loosing connection and the need for emotional caring. One may collapse or shut down because of helplessness to know how to respond and the need for safety and protection.

What ever the situation or conflict, the core need underlying it is for safe vulnerability, secure trust and to know that I matter and I’m cared  or  valued .  Learning to become conscious and intentional and how to communicate authentically is a core part of having a secure bond with a significant other.   Read More

META Healing ™ With The Enneagram

The Enneagram (pron: ANY-uh-gram) is an elegant guide for the study of mind, body and spiritual nature of human nature. It maps nine primary perspectives on our world and provides a panoramic view of the human condition.
The Enneagram self-help system is a concise mapping of the mind, body spiritual path of reclaiming lost parts and returning to wholeness. It describes nine distinct personality types and their interrelationships. The Enneagram of personality is a versatile and powerful personality type system. Mapped around an ancient symbol of perpetual motion,

By deepening and enhancing your self awareness of the who your are and what motivates you, you can exercise more awareness with choice rather than engaging in patterns of self limiting thought, emotion, and behavior in an automatic, reactive, habitual, unconscious way.  READ MORE…

META Healing ™ With Energy Healing

META Healing™ with Energy Healing,  integrates several conventional and alternative techniques of therapy into a family of evidence-supported approaches that balance, restore and enhance mind, body, spirit integration and functioning. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) and a variety of other powerful Mind, Body Integration Techniques. 



META Healing™ takes Energy Healing and Energy Medicine to the next level adding the dimension of Spirit as a enabling process to heal, restore and integrate and return to yourself as a whole complete person.  While each modality is different, they share a commonality in recognizing and working with the human subtle energy system.  Read More

META Healing ™ With

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful tool for rapidly releasing negative emotions and pain, gently and easily. EFT works for emotional problems, traumas, addictions and many physical symptoms.


EFT is sometimes described as “acupuncture with out needles.” This is because Meridian Tapping Techniques use specific points on your body that are known as “acupressure” points; they are the same points used in acupuncture.George Goodheart, a chiropractor, originally found he could substitute simple manual pressure for needles. He saw the same beneficial results by simply applying manual pressure, instead of needles, to the acupuncture points.

Read More 

The Field is the sole governing agency of the particle
` Albert Einstein

META Healing ™ With Integrative Energy Medicine

Approach to better understand Health and Wellness!

Integrative Energy Medicine compliments traditional medicine. Energy Medicine however, has a broader understanding of mind, body and spirit healing and promotes the natural restorative energy within the body to help you return to original wholeness. In a very short time you can learn gently easy to use techniques to restore aliveness, balance and peace of mind.


Physicists now recognize what the sages and mystics have said all along. Energy underlies everything in the universe. Our words, our thoughts our actions are all movements of energy. The recognition of the wisdom of these ancient systems for maintaining health are rapidly finding their way into a greater array of healing practices in the West and taking hold to give individuals greater control over their health and well-being.


Individuals are now realizing that western allopathic approaches to having surgeries and providing endless medications with side effects which often require other medications with other side effects are not the answer. More and more individuals are awakening to the potentials for understanding the movement of subtle life force in maintaining health. The combination of eastern and western systems of medicine promises a future where people take more responsibility and become proactive to support innovative advances in healthcare.


When we are not aligned with our source of Truth and Vitality, we live in conflict. We tend to act in ways that oppose our true purpose and we get depressed, anxious and sick. If we don’t learn to deal with these energy disconnections, imbalances on the spirit energy level, we will see it increase and manifest on the mental, emotional physical patterns and actions in the world. The idea of a subtle energy body or animating life force in each of us is common to many systems of healing throughout the world. The Chinese call it chi. In India it is called prana. In Japan it is called ki and in the Hawaii Huna Tradition, it is called mana.


For many others spirit energy and the soul of our being are the same. Whatever name you give it it is the life force underlying the nature of the entire universe. When we are aligned with this Universal Life Force, we are in aligned with our own true nature and we have not only access to our Life Force but we also have everything we need within us to unfold to our highest potential.


When we are connected and integrated with our mind, body, heart energy life force we are connected to our Loving Power to Extend that Life Force into the world in the form of greater blessings and manifestations of creativity. Energy medicine helps individuals and couples Parents and Children to learn how to remove blocks, balance and restore and empower creative visioning and by learning how to stay connected with vitality and well being.


Energy blocks not only show up in our body but show up in blocked expression in creativity, intimacy and success in the world. Emotional, physical and relationship conflicts have underlying energy blocks resulting from stress and disconnection from our bodies. Integrative Energy Medicine teaches you how to connect balance and work with your energy to restore peace and harmony in all aspects of your life. It’s much easier to learn how to remove blocks and restore balance in our energy body before it becomes a burning sensation in the gut or a stress disorder in our physical body. Take charge of your life and learn to restore and balance your energy well-being.

“God May Forgive You Your Sins,
but Your Nervous System wont” Alfred Korzybak

(A Polish-American scientist and pioneer in the field of NLP.)

META Healing ™ With Integrative Energy Medicine

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What comes to mind when you imagine living your “best life”? Is it a more fulfilling job, more satisfying personal relationships, or living with more balance? Many of us are caught in a cycle of destructive self-talk, the burden of old emotional pain, or even relationships or jobs that are not meeting our needs.


Your best life begins by looking inward undefined to uncover the thinking, communication habits, or lingering pain that keeps you from experiencing the life you want.


What if you could transform the internal dialogue and destructive negative thinking and start living an empowered life free of self-judgment? Imagine having the skills to connect to your needs in the moment, and know how to ask for what you want more effectively. Wouldn’t life be more fulfilling if you could finally heal from old pain and begin to live the life you choose?


Our training program offer simple, effective communication and personal growth skills that will transform your thinking and your life. Each practical idea and skill you learn with help you foster the healthy, satisfying relationships you’ve always wanted undefined beginning with your relationship with yourself. Read More 

Many of us have unknowingly made childhood decisions that may have

saved our life at the time but as we grow up these protective adaptations

only serve to numb us and condemn us to self-fulfilling prophesies

META Healing ™

With Matrix Re-Imprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a very gentle, yet profoundly effective technique that helps you rewrite your past and transform your future. It allows you to unblock stuck energy patterns that are held in the matrix, field of our unconscious mind. Often we are running unconscious programs that have their origins in past childhood injuries. Matrix reimprinting is a effective way of reconnecting and reintegrating split off parts of ourselves.

Do You suffer from recurring patterns of self’-sabotage because of limiting beliefs?

Poor relationships habits? Addictions, Anxiety, Phobias?

Depth Hypnosis with Matrix Re-imprinting may have the answer for you.

META Healing ™

With Depth Hypnotherapy

Different from stage hypnosis which is for entertainment Clinical Hypnotherapy is for Individuals who seek to break out of repeated patterns of sabotage or break down in their health, wealth, and relationships.


Everyone has had the experience of driving and suddenly arriving without having the awareness of having driving the car. This is road hypnosis. Fortunately a part of your unconscious mind took over that has a correct program for driving your car even if you are not aware of it.

META Healing ™ With META Health

And Advanced Clearing Energetics

META Healing, META Health and Advanced Clearing Energetics Techniques May Have the Answer For You.

META-Health with  META Medicine and Advance Clearing Energetics (ACE).  promotes  the Art and Science of Self-healing with many other disciplines which make up a branch within the field of integrative medicine. Based on twenty years of research, Meta Health (Meta Medicine) is revolutionizing holistic diagnosis and therapy by using your body’s healing intelligence and awareness of specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs that are affecting the mind, body, spirit expressed in organ symptoms. META-Health studies mind, body energy blocks to expressing wholeness using the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief-Social Connection and the major 9 Points and Phases of Healing to remove blockages and allow self-healing to happen.


Meta Healing which includes a number of Healing modalities including Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE), helps you learn skills to better understand and work with rather than against your physical, emotional, mental health challenges. It assists you to heal yourself by removing energy blocks to your natural energy flow and expression of your mind, body, spirit life force. META- Health is a diagnostic tool and not intended to be a therapy.


The META Health or META-Medicine process is an integrated approach based on science to uncover the Mind/body correlation to disease. Meta-Health not only explains the causes of a biological shock and how this shock affects an organ, the brain and the heart simultaneously, but also how one can deal with the issue pro-actively in a manner that allows one to heal completely and permanently from physiological and psychological health issues. It helps you understand the health challenges you face that seem to have no reasonable explanation. It explains the role of stress in your health and of physiological, psychological, emotional, spiritual and environmental triggers in the disease process. Helping a client to gain insight into the process of disease and illness is the first step to giving a client choice and relief from symptoms.


After using META Health to understand the root causes of the disease process, META Healing holistic techniques can be used to remove the mind/body block to help you realign with your life force. Techniques such as Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine Matrix Reimprinting have been proven effective to remove the underlying energetic blocks reducing stress and allowing the body to return to it natural balance and optimum flow of energy. This revolutionary new addition to integrative medicine works seamlessly with other alternative and/or conventional methods of therapy and healing. We give you the practical skills to be able to determine the emotional, themes and memories which underlie almost any disease process and the skills to release the original trauma. Read More

“Peace to Him Who Has Found God as The Cure” ACIM

META Healing ™ With

Mind Healing Principles From A Course in Miracles

At AIWP Miracles Ministry, we support ACIM Principles We believe in radical innocence. We are all are forgiven because to condemn another is to condemn ourselves.

We also extend the presence of peace, assurance, gratitude and Love embodying the grace, joy, and the liberation of the awakened mind.

We are here to remember our Reality and come home to the Truth of our Being. We are as God Created Us. Sinless, pure and whole. We live, move and have our Being in knowing Love created us like itself. We we are complete, healed and whole.

We are precious Holy Children of God, innocent and free of Guilt.

Join us as we support each other in mind healing principles and application of ACIM. You will learn to understand and remove obstacles to Peace, Assurance, Gratitude and Love. You will learn how to uncover your True Authority and Inner Wisdom and Source.

We are renewing our minds with group meditation and discussion with application of Mind Healing Principles from ACIM. We are also learning tools to tap into new resources for awakened consciousness.

Additional Resources META Healing Energy Healing Methods

Energy Healing« Soul Detective – Heal emotional pain …

Diana Burney, a certified hypnotherapist and an ordained minister who teaches … A prolific author and the originator of the term “energy psychology,” more …


Appendix F from Invisible Roots Diana Burney


Note: This appendix lists only the therapies that are most familiar to me. There are numerous other amazing energy
treatment techniques.


Allergy Antidotes was created by Sandi Radomski, ND, LCSW, DCEP, and specializes in noninvasive treatment of physical and emotional reactions to food and other substances. Radomski and her colleague Paula Shaw also developed Imprint 24-7 labels to wear affirmations on the body. See


Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) was developed by clinical psychologist Larry Nims, PhD, one of the first professionals trained by Dr. Roger Callahan. BSFF simply and gently releases the subconscious unresolved emotional roots and self-limiting belief systems that perpetuate problems. See


Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy, developed by Michael Mayer, PhD, draws together energy psychology with traditional forms of psychotherapy, bodymind and symbolic approaches to healing, hypnosis, psycho-neuroimmunological research, and ancient sacred wisdom traditions. See


Bioenergetic Emotional AccessMethod (BEAM) was developed by Toronto physician Joan Beattie, MD. BEAM uses muscle testing to identify unprocessed trauma, the dysfunctional patterns associated with it, and the toxins embedded with this process. BEAM then peels away these layers, one by one, with a chakra-based procedure and vials imprinted with emotional/toxin vibrational frequencies. See

Dynamic Energetic Healing (DEH) was created by Mary Hammond, MA, LPC, DCEP; Howard Brockman, LCSW; and Nancy Gordon, LCSW. It integrated their learnings from various energy psychology trainers. Brockman published on coupling DEH with his shamanic work, and Hammond published on using the DEH protocol in her clinical practice. See and


Earth Release is the work of Rev. Diana Burney, a certified hypnotherapist and an ordained minister who teaches courses on developing intuition. For information on the spiritual clearings she provides for people, dwellings, businesses, animals, and real estate worldwide, see


Educational Kinesiology, created by Paul Dennison, PhD, and his wife, Gail Dennison, is now known as Edu-K or Brain Gym. One of the pioneers of energy work, Dr. Dennison overcame his own learning challenges and became an internationally known educator. See

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), developed by Gary Craig, uses a standard treatment to eliminate psychological reversals, then taps meridian points on the head and torso, top to bottom. For more information on EFT and a free download of the EFT manual, see


Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods (EDxTM)was developed by Fred Gallo, PhD. Dr. Gallo also developed a short global treatment called Negative Affect Erasing Method (NAEM) or Midline Energy Treatment (MET) that can be used to treat a wide range of psychological problems. A prolific author and the originator of the term “energy psychology,” more information on Dr. Gallo is on the ACEP website at


Evolving Thought Field Therapy (EvTFT) is the work of psychologists John H. Diepold Jr., PhD and Sheila S. Bender, PhD, and social worker Victoria Britt, MSW. Dr. Diepold developed a Touch and Breathe (TAB) alternative treatment approach for meridian-based psychotherapies. See


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) was developed by Francine Shapiro, PhD, and uses eye movements or other forms of bilateral stimulation to help the system process information. For more information, see the EMDR Institute website at


Family Constellation Work, developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, teaches that the family as a whole has a soul. Actions of every member impact the whole family system, and leaving anyone out hurts the whole system. See


Focusing, the work of Eugene T. Gendlin, PhD, provides direct access to bodily knowing by “listening” to a physical symptom long enough to interact with it. Staying with these physical clues opens up a wealth of information to use for change. See


Guided Self Healing (GSH), developed by Andrew Hahn, PsyD, uses a psychospiritual mind-body framework for healing and transformation. Muscle testing accesses the client’s inner wisdom to remove energetic blocks to creating one’s dreams and intentions. See


The Healing Codes, originated by Alex Loyd, ND, PhD, use muscle testing both to find the origin of the stress involved in a problem and to identify a series of hand positions a client can use to activate healing within the body. Practitioners teach clients who get the Healing Codes package how to use these sequences and corresponding affirmations for self-help. See


Healing from the Body Level Up (HBLU), developed by Judith A. Swack, PhD, finds blockages to self-actualization using muscle testing to connect with a person’s knowing at the deepest level of being. Then HBLU teaches people how to remove these interfering patterns at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. See


Healing Touch developed by Janet Mentgen, BSN, RN, HNC, CHTP/I, as a medically based energy therapy training program for nurses. Healing Touch practitioners use their hands in a heart-centered, intentional way to support physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing with noninvasive touch to clear, energize, and balance the energy centers and the human biofield. See


Inner Counselor, a system developed by Ann Nunley, MFA, PhD, and taught at Holos University, connects with “Inner Wisdom” to find the level of consciousness of the true healer that lies within each of us. See for a free download of Nunley’s Integration Chart and a discussion of how to use this whole systems approach to self-healing and integration. For Holos University, see and


Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), developed by Rev. Stevan Thayer, works with the energy of the angelic realm for healing. Easy to learn and practice, IET identifies areas on the cellular map of the body where trauma and negative emotions are stored and releases them by calling on an angelic ray to do the clearing. See and


Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT) was developed by Carolyn Jaffe, DAc, bPhD, and Judith Mellor, RN, PhD. One of the many protocols JMT developed is called Directional Eye Movement Therapy, a technique that restores the flow of energy to scar tissue by testing muscle strength while holding twelve different eye positions and then using eye movements to restore strength to any positions that tested weak. See


Lindwall Releasing Process, the work of Isa (1919–2007) and Yolanda Lindwall, is a simple process of releasing negative thoughts, emotions, and memories through affirmative statements of release and then using affirmations to instill positive qualities to replace the negative ones. The technique can be used alone or with a trained Releasing facilitator. See their website for more information at


Matrix Energetics, the work of Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D., takes a quantum leap in energy healing. Based on scalar physics, Bartlett expands the realm of what is possible, integrating multiple modalities that he has mastered. For practitioner trainings, see his website at


NeuroModulation Technique (NMT), the Feinberg Method, developed and taught by Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C. since 2002, is based on the concept that an important aspect of disease is informational—that wrong instructions result in wrong function. Rather than treat any specific disease, NMT uses muscle response testing and other energetic assessment to identify and correct the informational basis of illness, releasing the mind-body’s natural ability to heal itself of physical and emotional problems. Commonly improved or resolved problems include chronic pain, TMJ syndrome, childhood and adult food and environmental allergies, and auto-immune conditions. See


Psychoenergetic Healing (PEH), the work of Martin F. Luthke, PhD, DCEP, and Linda Stein-Luthke, brings in the metaphysical realm by calling in Beings of Light and setting therapy inside sacred pyramids of light, anchored at the four corners and the apex by archangels. See


REMAP, developed by Steve B. Reed, LPC, LMSW, LMFT, DCEP, assesses with client self-report rather than muscle

testing and uses all the points on a meridian for treatment. See


Seemorg Matrix Work recently renamed Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), was developed by Asha Clinton, a Jungian analyst. AIT accesses unconscious material through muscle testing and then moves energy through the body’s major energy centers (chakras) to eliminate the traumatic roots and residue of targeted problems. This depth approach has had success treating personality disorders, dissociative disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders, See


Soul Detective protocols, developed by the Dr. Barbara Stone, work with earthbound spirits and past life trauma using the tools of energy psychology, the subject of this book. See


Spiritual Energetic Healing (SEH) developed by Debra Gordy, MS, MRET, is an integrative, holistic, intuitively guided healing protocol. SEH integrates Debra’s expertise as a teacher of universal spiritual principles in marriage and family therapy and life & relationship coaching. SEH includes Rapid Eye Technology and Soul Detective protocols to find and release the hidden causes of personal and relationship problems at their root. For more information and a free newsletter, see


Tao of Presence is a protocol developed by Mayer

Kirkpatrick, LAc, based on the premise that the most important gift one

can give to another person is Presence. This protocol includes body

scanning for somatic clues and a blend of energy psychology methods to release negativity and to come fully into the present moment with one’s whole being. Mayer can be contacted at [email protected]


Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) was originated by Tapas Fleming, an acupuncturist. TAT holds the hands on the front and back of the head in a specific configuration while focusing on a series of steps to desensitize trauma and bring the system back to balance. For more information and a free download of a self-help booklet on “How to do TAT,” see


The Grace Process (TGP), developed by Lori Leyden, PhD, is a transformative spiritual practice for healing our judgments, opening to forgiveness, and expanding our vision for personal and global healing. See websites,, and


Therapeutic Touch (TT), cofounded by Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz, balances and promotes the flow of energy in the human energy field. Kunz used her natural ability to perceive blockages and disturbances in the rhythms in a patient’s energy field to develop an understanding of the universal healing field from which both patients and healers can draw healing energies. See


Theta Healing dialogues directly with the unconditional love of the Creator for all that is. For more information and the extraordinary story of its developer, Vianna Stibal, see


Thought Energy Synchronization Therapies (TEST) were developed by Greg Nicosia, PhD, BCFE, DCEP. Nicosia trained in many pioneering psychotherapies, including biofeedback, EMDR, and Thought Field Therapy, and has expanded the range of effective application of energy psychology with his understanding of the quantum mechanics behind these healing modalities. See


Thought Field Therapy, now a generic description for meridian-based energy psychology, was originated by psychologist Roger Callahan, PhD. TFT gently taps on points on the meridian system to desensitize the negative emotions associated with a targeted problem and then to install the positive correlates. TFT is highly effective with trauma, phobias, and anxiety disorders. See appendix E and


Whole Healing-Easily and Effectively (WHEE) is a hybrid of EFT and EMDR developed by Daniel J. Benor, MD, who presented a teleclass for ACEP on WHEE on February 20, 2007, available to ACEP members online ( in the Teleclass Library. See also Dr. Benor’s website: