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META Healing

Research suggests that Energy Healing methods are quick and effective with a broad range of human problems and challenges. Benefits include Release Energy Blocks To:

Meta Healing, (META Health, Advanced Clearing Energetics and Energy Healing Therapy)

Medical research points out that over 90 percent of illness can be traced to inability to cope with stress. Society has failed to teach individuals how to reduce stress and release blocks in the energy body, until now.


Based on an integration of Quantum Physics, Eastern Medicine, Epigentics, Neuroplasticity. and Spirituality, META Healing, an advanced form of Energy Healing, includes a variety of techniques such as Advanced Clearing Energetics, META Health, TAT, EFT and Matrix ReImprinting and others. In a very short time, META Healing can help you release energy blocks that result in stress. META Healing using Energy Healing posits that mental and emotional problems are a reflection of disturbed bio-energetic patterns. Energy blocks are common when we hold thoughts of self devaluation and neglect to do things to improve our well-being and our basic self care needs. Many live in a disassociated state (trance) stuck in unconscious limiting beliefs from the past which have come from childhood experiences and decisions as an outcome of basic needs not being met. Childhood stress, which continues as adult stress, takes an increasing toll on the body and eventually results in physical, mental emotional breakdown. Energy Healing helps you overcome the energy blocks that are limiting your success in health, wealth and relationships. Energy therapy utilizes tools that seem to directly balance the human energy systems

Meta Healing Methods – Fast Track To Peaces

META Healing Methods integrates the best of Energy Healing which includes a host of techniques including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) TAT (Tapas Fleming Techniques) Energy Medicine, Matrix Reimprinting  and many others.  Energy healing methods are gentle, easy to learn,  and have powerful, profound effects in removing energy blockages to ultimate well-being, success, health and happiness.  Individuals have reported rapid relief in one or two sessions.


META Healing can also be used to literally, re-energize our your body.  By using a simple technique to brush over the meridian, you can enhance your energy well-being.  Just like not taking a shower for a few days will decrease your well being not taking care of your radiant circuits will also dampen your energy level.  You can use the simple technique  to  have the ability to have the confidence, inspiration and empowerment you need to take on the challenges of the day.

EFT Energy Healing also has the ability to transform negative energy into positive. Where there was grief and sadness there is now comfort and joy, where there was anxiety and fear there is now confidence and power, where there was hatred and resentment there is now love and compassion. It can actually take us through a portal of transformation of body mine and spirit. We experience a complete change in our body energy system as well as out thoughts and behaviors.


Clients have also learned skills that have been shown to reduce and eliminate unwanted stress, anger, difficult events, loss, sadness, guilt and shame. Negative reactions to trauma, feared situations and addictive substances are replaced with positive loving feelings of calmness and contentment. Energy Psychology approaches balance energy pathways to rapidly diminish disturbances in thought and emotion. Energy therapy provides tools that have been shown to quickly assess unconscious beliefs and resistances, release limiting beliefs and blocked emotions promote readiness to change and strengthen positive attitudes.

How Does It Work?.

You body has an autonomic nervous system, which is divided into sympathetic ( a stress response (fight flight) and a parasympathetic (relaxation response). Once an emotional response is triggered there is an opportunity to change the way you react. By tapping, holding or massaging a sequence of acupuncture points endorphins are released and tension seems to disappear. Energy Therapy is a comprehensive set of tools such as Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Tapas Acupressure Therapy TAT to intervene on the stress response and releases stress.

Clients report that, unlike conventional therapies there is no reliving over and over again the pain of the problem.  Problems, past trauma literally seems to melt away.  Meridian points can also be used to energize and up-grade the body / mind /spirit integration and ability to operate with a new perspective.

Thousands of clinicians throughout the world report that Energy Healing using such methods as EFT, Matrix ReImprinting and TAT often reduces distress, past trauma, mental, emotional blocks for their clients  in just a few sessions.