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Does any this sound familiar?

In the beginning, you didn’t worry about the small stuff, life was easy and you knew how to enjoy each other. You were excited to be together and do things together. Making plans for your future was fun. You smiled when you saw each other and laughed spontaneously. You enjoyed each other’s playfulness and had fun together. You could talk about anything and you felt safe to share with each other anything and everything.

You had a dream of being together like this forever. It seemed you dreams had come true. You were so happy to have someone to love and knew they love you too. You dreamed you would be this way forever in a long lasting intimate partnership …..

but it seems over time everything has changed. You now argue about the small stuff. Say things you regret. You and your partner feel distant and don’t connect the way you use to. The relationship is becoming increasingly strained or almost non-existent.

One or both of you shut down or take turns blowing up at each other. You don’t seem to be able to communicate without defensiveness, blame and criticism. It has become a pattern of not knowing when the next eruption will begin and end.

Or, perhaps things changed when there’s been a major relationship betrayal or injury. You lost trust. You or your partner don’t feel safe with each other anymore.

You’ve stopped giving each other quality caring and the gift of your undivided attention.

You don’t seem to have time for each other with jobs and kids and household chores. You are drifting more and more apart.

Being married and lonely hurts. Sometimes, you wonder if it’s better or worse than living alone..

You may ask yourself, “Did I make a mistake?

You wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. Or worse, one of you has already had an affair.

You ask: Why can’t this be easier? What happened to our playful romance?

Is it possible to get the love back?
My answer is “Yes.”

Individual Counseling /Therapy and Coaching

Thank you for your willingness to embark on a journey to expand your consciousness and discover greater meaning, clarity and purpose in your life. Thank you also for your courage to explore ways to gain greater insight into yourself and remove barriers to your ability to give and receive love.

I honor you knowing that wisdom comes in a company of advisors.

You have come to the right place.

I can help you eliminate painful patterns associated with stress, anxiety, depression/grief and trauma. I have a proven track record and I have proven ways to help you resolve your your issues.

I’m dedicated to helping you remove any and all limitations and return you to your true nature and original wholeness. I have been a therapist for over thirty years and I have many tools to help you heal and transform your mind, body, relationship and spiritual challenges.

I have many testimonies from my clients saying they received powerful healing and transformations from my services. (see Testimonies)

I teach easy to learn skills that you can use right away to help you improve all aspects of your life.I not only help succeed in all aspects of your life. I can also help you gain a deep personal sense of security and well-being. We will work together to identify and remove blocks to what’s keeping you stuck and/or blocked from achieving your dreams. Whether it’s your physical wellness, your relationship or your ultimate purpose, I can help you discover your true self and enjoy greater health and well-being in all aspects of your life. In a very short time you will have your own secure rhythm in the madness.

Tele-Health Internet Counseling

You can work with me without ever leaving your home, office, car or your meditation sanctuary. From the ease and convenience of your living room, you can connect with me using the internet. I found no difference in the success from clients working with me on the internet than those working with me in person and there are many advantages if you have a lap top, smart phone, computer and good internet system. I provide counseling.only via Zoom and other safe video conference, encrypted modalities.

We will work together to remove any and all limitations. My focus is on helping you learn skills to remove blocks and help you recover your full aliveness and peace of mind or Soul Connection by returning you to your Original Wholeness and Authentic Self.

What is The Difference Between Secular Psychotherapy and the Counseling and Therapy I Offer.

Secular Psychotherapists are trained in a medical model, which focuses on diagnosing, treating, and curing pathological symptom clusters that have resulted in a mental illness. Secular counselors also focus on how past wounds result in maladaptive behavior patterns. They seek to help you cope better with such wounds and/or cure them with the aim of helping you move forward in your life by fixing what brothers you.

If the secular psychotherapists are competent and well trained, they will help you to process your feelings, needs and identify and correct ways you sabotage your goals with irrational thinking.

Like secular therapist, I also help you process emotions and needs to help you improve your self esteem,. I can also help you relieve or heal physical pain, disease, and dysfunctional relationships. However, I’ve discovered there is so much more to peace of mind and meaningful fulfillment than just getting rid of what hurts and learning new behavior strategies. Just getting rid of what hurts does not address the core issues that make for lasting change.

I do not diagnose, treat or attempt to cure mental, treat or attempt to cure mental illness. I don’t like labels that put people in boxes. Putting a label on someone risks giving the person an additional layer of ego identity, causing greater conflicts and limiting their unique creative expression. Labels often reinforce the very dysfunction the person is trying to resolve. Diagnosing is also like a cabbage shedder dissecting and taking apart the psyche.

I studied for many years and completed my doctorate with Thomas Hora, M.D. P.C., winner of the Karen Horney Award for outstanding innovations in Psychoanalysis. Dr. Hora develop a theory of Meta psychiatry, a spiritual form of psychotherapy which postulated the need to find our spiritual identity so have complete healing and transformation. He developed eleven principles for optimum mental health and discussed how illness is the result of separation. In his book Existential Metapsychiatry, he describes a leaf separated from the tree will look good for awhile but eventually it fades not being connected to to its true source, the living roots of the tree.

Dr. Hora goes on to state that psychiatry and traditional psychotherapy attempts to dissect the leaf looking at the pieces to find the cause of the dysfunction. He states this wont really be helpful in the long run and it wont return the leaf to its wholeness or help to find ways to reconnect the leaf it to it’s source, the tree of life. He also states Psychiatry is even worst in that it’s focus has been to only look at the dead decaying leaf separated from the tree of life.

Secular Psychotherapist often miss the whole point of discovering the meaning and purpose of the symptoms and discovering how to use this discovery to return to and reconnect to original wholeness. My ultimate goal is to help you to return to your authentic self or true nature with the experience of long lasting, total security of our existential roots PAGL, (Peace, Assurance, Gratitude and Love).

It’s important to note that although I have a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and I was traditionally trained and did post graduate work at the Graduate Institute School of Professional Psychology, I refuse to focus on pathology and diagnose what’s wrong with people. I do not see clients as sick, nor do my clients see themselves this way. I see clients as spiritual beings with enormous capabilities, that when given right resources can easily free themselves from their self imposed victimization and achieve unlimited possibilities.

What is Life Relationship Coaching

Life / Relationship Coaching, starts with where you are, what are your core values and where do you want to be. It focuses on teaching you the necessary skills to achieve your stated goals. As a Life/Relationship Coach, I can help you better define your goals, to get a positive focus and direction. I can also help you identify conflicts within yourself that keep you from meeting your goals and remove them once and for all. (see testimonies)

I can also teach you self-empowerment and/or advanced relationship skills to help you enhance the quality of your present or future relationships I offer you a step by step skill training programming on how to resolve conflict on all levels whether it’s mind-body-relationship or spirit. Once these blocks are removed, it’s easy to get to where you want to be. This is true no matter what the issue.

Once blocks are removed, I help you create and actualize your vision. By this point my clients know enough not to sabotage themselves and have identified themselves as worthy, capable and confident to step into the vision they want. I can also hold you accountable to keep you on tract. My job is to remove the chains that bind you and hold the space for you to achieve a fulfilling life based on your core values and what is most important and meaningful to you.

I offer both faith based counseling and healing psychotherapy and skill training life / relationship coaching. I can help you learn how to be more conscious, intentional, compassionate and anticipate and enjoy the fruits of your spiritual reconnection and the blessings you deserve.

I want long-term results.

I came from a severely dysfunctional alcoholic family and knew something was wrong with my family at the age of six. Yet, even having this intuition and uneasiness, I still imprinted with a host of negative beliefs and dysfunctional addictive and co-dependent behavior patterns. It’s unfortunate attachment is so strong in children and they give up so much of themselves to belong (especially prior to age six).

I know only too well the cost of mis-identification and adapting to give up parts of myself to belong and the suffering that goes with it. Let me help you benefit from what I have learned.

I have been on a quest for wholeness as a therapist and client to heal and restore myself to wholeness. I studied under and been in therapy with the leading therapist and educators of our time. I only use evidence-based therapeutic methods that have been transformative to me and I have seen work well for my clients These include: Thomas Hora, M.D. Existential Metapsychiatry, Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. Nonviolent Communication, Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., Imago Relationship Therapy, John Gottman, Ph.D. The Masters and Disasters in Couples Therapy, Sue Johnson, Ph.D. Emotionally Focused Therapy with Attachment Theory, along with Internal Family Systems, Humanistic, Transpersonal Psychology, Energy Healing Techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting, Hypnosis with Guided Imagery, Inner Child Therapy with Transactional Analysis (TA), Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Success Coaching with Neuro-linguistic Programming NLP

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Start Today To Learn the Skills to Become Your Best Self, Your Best Relationship and Your Best Life Ever.

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