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Is this you.

You feel successful in most areas of your life.  You feel mostly good about yourself.  You’re mostly on top of your game  in a number of areas, except there’s that one thing.  It’s the one you have been putting off.  It’s the one that keeps coming to mind to annoy you.


In the past,  you have tried a number of strategies and solutions but some how, you can’t seem to get it to work.  It’s an frustrating annoyance and sometimes, it’s even confusing and heartbreaking.   You have tried ignoring it, hoping it will resolve itself and/or get better on its own,  but it doesn’t. 


It just keeps unsettling you. This could be one of the main areas of your life ie. health, career, intimate relationships or no intimate relationships  or frustration with business relationships or a burning unfulfilled passion. 

Taking Action Is The Way To Begin

Taking action and/or getting support to change sooner, rather than later, is the best way to deal with conflict, stress situations  and free yourself to move on from unresolved issues.  Einstein is quoted as saying “You can never solve the problem with the mind that created the  problem.”  He is also quoted as saying “Until  you accept your limits, you can’t  go beyond them.”   In other words, you have to get beyond yourself (your mental constructs or personal viewpoint) and see your issues clearly from a different perspective.   Einstein also said “In the middle of a difficulty  lies  opportunity.”   It’s interesting that the Japanese and Chinese symbols for crisis / problems /suffering are the same as opportunity.


Years ago, I was diagnosed with Cancer.  I am grateful for it now because I am free of it and  it gave me insight into my body and the power of prayer and surrender.    The individuals and couples who have completed our counseling/coaching  often say their life and relationships have changed significantly for the better because they have changed in the way they see themselves and their relationships. 


I also often hear clients express regret after completing the program and they have achieved their goals.   They mostly regret that it took them so long to realize they needed to get support and they wasted so much time not getting help earlier. This sometimes becomes another grief issue or and ego distraction to block their future success that needs  to be resolve.  “The important thing,”  I tell them,   “is that you did  something.  1Even having only one day of universal conscious awareness is better than never waking up and sleeping till your death.   Now you have the  learning and skills  to  have a lifetime using tools  to empower your relationship and the good for your future.”  


This reminds me of a story I heard once in a zen monastery.  Buddha was asked once “Are you a God?” “No,”   he replied, “I am not a God.”    “Are you a Guru then?”   “No.”  he replied “I am not a Guru.”  They asked “Are you a Teacher?”  “No,” again was the reply “I am not a teacher.”    Well then, they said “What are you?”  Buddha simply replied, “I’m awake.” 

We Will Work As A Team To Identify Where You Want To Be and Where You Are and Help You Learn the Skills To Get Success

We don’t really need to try to get, or to be or become anything.  We simply need to wake up.  This is the overriding goal I have for you. 


When you sign up for the program, we will work as a team to identify where you want to be and where you are.  I will also help you assess what are your obstacles and remove what’s in the way of your goals becoming a reality.  We will identify any limiting beliefs, emotions, or past trauma keeping you stuck.  I will also help you remove any heart walls and free up and release your soul contract if you have one.

Steps To Success

  1. Picture Desire: Identify where you want to be. Develop three pictures of yourself in imagined successful situation and how you feel.   This could involve having more money, having a loving relationship, having a successful business,  having ease and peace dealing with _______or peace of mind with abundant health etc.
  2. Picture Experience of yourself in current situation with feelings and thoughts about where you are now current situation. and feelings you have ie. Fear  of ___ Worry about____ Confused over______ thinking _______ Give yourself rating of resistance to future self  1-10
  3. Picture self in future having, being, feeling where you want to be.
  4. Get Three Pictures of you being successful in future.
  5. We will now do a NLP and Recode Process to free you from resistance and imprint your future goal into your neurology.
  6. We will now clear any and all resistance to having your future desire. Give rating of resistance.
  7. If resistance is or dispelled, Score is “0. “ I  will give you homework to take your first action steps to fulfill your new destiny.  If not we will explore what’s keeping it in place.  Sometimes there are layers since a childhood limiting belief can be reinforced in many ways.  It can also be a past generation or even a past life conditioning passed down and needing to be released.

I can help you to step back and see your challenges from a broader perspective and use your own resources to propel you beyond it.   I can also  teach you state of the art, advanced, concrete skills you can use right away to be successful in all areas of your life. 


I have been competently trained Neuro-linguistics Programming (NLP),  Matrix Reimprinting, Energy Healing and Recode to empower you to have more confidence and trust in your gifts and in the universe to fulfill your desires and increase your continuing success in your future.

Whatever Your Issue, We Can Help You Resolve It.

Perhaps you’re still reeling from a recent breakup or past traumatic experience and you need to clear it. Or maybe you’re struggling with an ongoing physical, emotional or mental condition and/or limiting mental belief  in your life that’s draining your energy and aren’t sure where to turn. 


Perhaps you simply have cumulative stress that’s taking a toll on your relationship and keeping you from doing and becoming your best self.  Perhaps you need advanced communication relationship skills or simply need some reality checks and a few conflict resolving skills and stress coping skills to free yourself.


Whatever it is.  I can help you get past it.  Whether it’s simply a rough patch in your life or a repeated down turn, it’s not too late to turn it around.  Everyone has difficulty from time to time but spinning your wheels repeating the same strategy and getting nowhere is only going to get you more and more exhausted and dissolution in your life.  You really don’t need to keep trying to deal with it on your own especially today. 


You may have, at times, had the feeling you should simply give up.  I don’t recommend that. Giving up will not help you learn the lessons and will definitely cost you in the long run.  I don’t recommend continuing to struggle on your own with it either, especially  if you have seen you’re going nowhere. Both options are a setback and lead to continual despair. 

If Not Now, When Is The Time For Change

If you’re ready to stop putting it off and get support to navigate through your challenges, sign up with me and we will work through it    I’ve got over thirty years experience in removing barriers to love, creativity and success in all areas of life. 

Two of My Favorite Mantras are

“Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”

and “Enough is Enough”

I often ask clients to imagine the trajectory, if nothing changes, of their current path 1-10 years in the future.  This usually is a wake up call to give them incentive to shift.  I also ask my clients to imagine what their life would be like if they did not have the current blocks or limitations.   It’s very helpful to look at your life from different angles.  Einstein is quoted again said “Imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited and imagination is eternal and unlimited.” 


When you finally decide Enough is Enough and are willing to action it’s very transformative.   Making  a commitment to do something different is the beginning to be open to breaking  your old patterns and set beliefs.  Einstein once said “You cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.” When we get help to go beyond our mindset, this  allows us to feel enormous relief and even inspiration. You realize you are  not alone any more and you now have support to make traction and not have to spin your wheels and stay stuck anymore.

About Me

My name is Dr. Timothy J Ryan, Ph.D, D.Div. My clients call me Tim or Dr. Tim.   I am a Solution Focused Coach and Faith Based Individual and Relationship Counselor.   I also have certifications as a  Life and  Relationship Expert and Coach.  Yes, I am also an Ordained  Minister with the Association for Integration of The Whole Person, please don’t judge me for this. I am very open, modern, and holistic in my views. I have found that connecting to a Universal Consciousness is the best way to heal egoistic limitations.  


I believe the essence of God is Love and no matter what name you give it, it’s still a Divine Healing Force when we learn to connect with it.   I also believe the origin and power of the universe is Love and it is necessary for all of to see ourselves as an expression of love for optimum healing. 


If clients are religious, If they are interested, I  help help them experience a deeper meaning in their faith and discover their own spiritual roots to their religion and find greater meaning in it for themselves.   As an interfaith minister, I have worked with various religions and accept them all if there foundation of love and respect for others. 


 If you are anti religion, no worries.  I have found some atheist are more spiritual and loving than some religious leaders and practitioners.   I can still help you be successful with or without religion and make peace with your struggle and move on.   If you are open, I can help you begin a journey to get closer to a higher power and free yourself to understand the basic principles of the universe and see yourself in an entirely new light.   The mythology of vampires is interesting because they are creatures of darkness and can only suck the life out of you in darkness.  In Light, you are safe and protected because vampires can’t exists in the light.  


I agree with professor Bohm that if we are guided by a self-willed view, we will perceive and experience the world as fragmented.   Whatever our practice, as in AA, we all, at times, need to discover a power greater than ourselves that can restore us and bring us back to sanity.  


If you have no religion, I can help you  learn to surrender to something bigger than yourself, call it;  Universal Consciousness,  Loving Universe, the Field, The Implicate  I consider these names the same as “God,” “The Holy Spirit,”  “The Father,”   or other Deity names.   The name is not as important  but the experience of it and gaining the broadest perspective is extremely important and necessary for shifting consciousness. 


To connect to Universal Love and experience ourself as in our divine nature compared to our ego nature is important because it (to have something beyond) is necessary for healing.


I don’t preach and I don’t hold rigid beliefs.  I learn and discover new things every day.   I honor all paths that have love and unity at their foundation.  I see people who are religious and people not at religious at all.   As I said earlier, I have found that, sometimes, non-religious people are more spiritual and more open to go beyond personal dogma and information to transformation because they have not been indoctrinated as much. 


My ideal client is someone not against religion nor overly  pro-religion but simply open to new ideas and curious and willing to look at their life from a broader context.  


Since I am a non-denominational minister and faith based counselor,  I can give you a spiritual perspective as well as  guarantee that all information is absolutely privileged, more so than traditional therapists who can be subpoenaed to turn over notes or give information on diagnosis which can hurt you regarding future employment. 


I offer a variety of coaching and counseling skills and healing techniques to address every mind, body, relationship and spiritual issue (see Overview of Services and Energy Healing Techniques)  to help you remove barriers to return to your original wholeness and integrated self.  I can also help you to improve your confidence by learning to consolidate new skills that keep you aligned with your Authentic Self or Original Wholeness which is the true measure of success.  We will work together removing any and all blocks and support you toward keeping focused on the habits and mindset you need for your success.    


I can help you transform your situation and save time, money and energy.  I’m committed to support you  to finally get the results you desire.  

I Can Offer You Support, Coaching / Counseling and/or Therapy:

  1. Relationships: You have recurring conflict and your relationship is not working.
  2. Business: You have a business situation and frustrated with relationships or business goals not working, Perhaps your career in in need.
  3. Health You have a personal health issue.  You don’t have time to take care of yourself or you.  Symptoms not going away.
  4. Removing Blocks You just  need to get out of your way for success.

Whatever it is, I can help you put the pieces together. I can give you the skills to overcome the obstacles in a very short time and improve your confidence to move forward. 

It's Always About Learning The Lessons

If you are having trouble coping with a particular stress challenge or difficult problem, and are confused about the issue, I guarantee you, there is a lesson for you to learn.  Having support from someone who is objective and skilled in understanding the impact of your history, past/present feelings, needs, and goals can help you learn your lessons faster. 


As I said earlier, I’ve had over thirty years of trial and error, making personal and professional mistakes and fine tuning my learning into a skill training transformational program.   


Let me help you learn to overcome and avoid common mistakes and not have to waste your time and energy.  Why continue stressing and depleting yourself, when you can get help to learn how to use your situation as a resource to help you get ahead to the next level.


If you are you struggling with a partner, relationship conflict or particular stuck pattern, chances are there is a habitual limiting belief spinning in your head.


Sometimes we just need help to stop over thinking it and get out of our own way.   Sometimes we need to learn skills to to better deal with a relationship or situation.  I can help you excavate the sabotaging   beliefs that get in the way of your success.  I can show you how to overcome these self-fulling prophesies and achieve success.


These recurring beliefs  ie. “I’m always Alone, ” “My need’s don’t Matter,” ” I’m unworthy, unimportant, or undeserving,” “I’m not Good Enough” or “Everything  is always a disappointment and ends of bad for me” only result in a downward spiral resulting in more bad feelings which set up more unworthiness and keep you going in a downward cycle.    I can show you a way through it and break this vicious cycle.These limiting beliefs are like dirty oil in your car and if you don’t change them you are heading for a break down.


If you’ve done everything you can do, now is the time to get help. Is enough enough?  Because “nothing changes, if nothing changes.”


Is it time to overcome a compulsion or and addiction (compulsive thought, behavior or drug use) that’s negatively impacting your mental, physical or relationship  health? Are you struggling with a relationship conflict that doesn’t go anywhere? 


 Call today to get relief and get back on track.  I can teach you skills and principles to help you become a Master not a Disaster in your life.

It's Always About Learning The Lessons

These recurring beliefs  ie. “I’m always Alone, ” “My need’s don’t Matter,” ” I’m unworthy, unimportant, or undeserving,” “I’m not Good Enough” or “Everything  is always a disappointment and ends of bad for me” only result in a downward spiral resulting in more bad feelings which set up more unworthiness and keep you going in a downward cycle.    I can show you a way through it and break this vicious cycle.These limiting beliefs are like dirty oil in your car and if you don’t change them you are heading for a break down.


If you’ve done everything you can do, now is the time to get help. Is enough enough?  Because “nothing changes, if nothing changes.”


Is it time to overcome a compulsion or and addiction (compulsive thought, behavior or drug use) that’s negatively impacting your mental, physical or relationship  health? Are you struggling with a relationship conflict that doesn’t go anywhere? 


 Call today to get relief and get back on track.  I can teach you skills and principles to help you become a Master not a Disaster in your life.

Removing Blocks: The Key To Help You Move Forward

We will work together as a team to understand and resolve what’s in the way of you being your best self and having your best life and relationships.  As a life coach /counselor and mind, body spirit healing and integration practitioner, I have work with thousands of clients over the past thirty years with all manner of life, situations and challenges.


In just a few sessions, you can learn how to release blocks and limiting beliefs as well as non-resourceful habit patterns that keep you stuck.  Let me help you stop  exhausting your energy and resources.  I can help you discover not only a fast track to peace but in a short time see your life and situation in a completely new way.


I have a high success rate (see Testimonies) because I take an individualized approach to helping clients better connect to their heart yearnings and intentions.  I can help you return to your authentic original self to have inclusive and integrated  life experience.  I can help you better understand your soul contract which is the ground work for success.


When we ignore or disconnect from parts of ourselves or worst completely abandoned our inner most  feelings and desires, we adapt and take on a false or adaptive self.  We end up in dysfunctional relationships and unfulfilled promises and pursuits.  We sometimes waste years and precious energy and resources going in the wrong direction.  We often know something is wrong, but can’t seem to get out of our own way. 

The Best Time To Change Is Now!!!

The time is now, not five years from now, not ten years from now.  You don’t want the quality of your life to diminish with regrets as you age.   You are not a victim of the world you see, you have choice to get resources, make traction and move ahead.  Begin today to get the skills you need to move forward and enhance all aspects of your life. I can help you become your best self and have the best life and as a bonus, upgrade all your  relationships as well.


I am committed to helping you get a fast track to peace by helping you work through your challenges whether they be physical, mental, emotional, relational, or spiritual, one step at a time.  As a Non-Denominational Minister and Spiritual Therapist, all of our conversations and any and all information shared is absolutely privileged and confidential.


Research has shown that the right counselor can really make a difference when it comes to working with clients.  I work will work with you as team member to identify blocks and strengths to help you to move forward toward a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. I have numerous skills and I’m committed to being a partner to you to recognize and release each and every block to your happiness.`

Isn’t it time to invest in your self. I have great respect for the courage it takes to face issues and ask for support. We will partner together and work at your own pace to help you discover the meaning and resolution of your issues.  I would love to help you achieve and I have a proven track record of working successfully to help meet your goals. If you are tired of being tired and ready to  benefit from the help of a counselor, don’t hesitate to contact me.   I will give you a free twenty minute phone session to answer all your questions.

Contact Me Today for more information or to set up an appointment.

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