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Mar 19, 2016

The Modern Search for Healing and Wholeness

In over thirty years of personal and professional growth work, I have discovered that healing and transformation requires three steps to really be effective and last:

1) Grounding,
2) Heart Connection, and
3) Higher Wisdom.

My mission as a Faith Based Family Counselor and Mind, Body, Spirit Integration Healing and Relationship Specialist is to help individual to learn practical skill, they can use right away, to ground with their bodies, lead with their hearts and soar with their spirit. This basically means I teach them how to remove blocks to being able to give and receive greater love. I also love assisting people to get in touch with their higher wisdom and learn what is needed to transform any kind of situation. So here is a thumbnail sketch of the process.

1. Grounding with your body is your ability to be present with your issues. It means taking responsibility for what belongs to you and what belongs to others. It about protecting your body energy and shielding yourself from toxic energy.
2. Leading with your heart is your ability to connect with compassion to yourself and others. Heart connection focuses making observations not judgements, focusing on feelings not thoughts and focusing on needs not on what anyone wants or don’t want. Your needs and knowing others needs is a doorway to healing communication and authentic heart connection.
3. Soar with your Spirit or Higher Wisdom means you have the ability to connect with your Spiritual Discernment Faculties and know haw to live in the context rather than the content of your life. Things come to your attention not your experience. This connection to the broadest context frees you to see many options and have unlimited resources.

I had a client once who told me he was afraid to date for a number of reasons but one was that he had been married five times and he was embarrassed when the conversation turn to the discussion of “how many times have you been married?”
I mentioned to him that it wasn’t the number of relationships that was the issue but what he had learned from the relationships. He said it was the same issue in each relationship. He said, “She was so critical.” I never felt good enough and couldn’t do anything right for her.” As it turned out, he had grown up in a very critical home and this was the learning issue for him. I mention since this was a recurring pattern, it would be helpful to release the shame and trauma from his body so he could be open to having new experiences with relationships. We clear the heart wall and shame so he could engage more meaningfully.

The first step to healing and personal transformation is finding a Place of Stillness within your own mind. This pace of witnessing gives you the ability to create a view finder to look at your issues and better understand the unconscious storehouse or vault containing the underlying energy drivers resulting in your challenges. You can’t heal what you don’t know about and you can’t transform what you don’t understand in terms of the limits it has placed on your life.

Grounding with your body is an enabling process that gives you the ability to be present and turn in toward your pain body issues with compassionate detachment.
Without awareness, there is no choice.

The gentleman mentioned above turned away from his issues instead of toward them. He rebelled and acted out by running away from each of his marriages. He never learned to be with himself to release the issue from his body that had been imprinted long before he ever married.

Your body has it’s own intelligence. Issues first come into the heart and are mediated by the brain to process them. If one is isolated and there are no immediate resources or coping skills available, the heart and brain place the issue into a store house (a body organ) holding area until the body, mind and heart comes into contact with “The Aware Self” becomes integrated and knows how to deal with it.

I had a client with severe digestive problems diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) IBS is a catch all diagnosis when the medical profession knows there is a digestive issue but doesn’t know what it is. This person later discovered that she suffered from indigestible rage from her childhood where she was continually put in a position being responsible for her dysfunctional family.

Once she was able to ground with her body rather that fight and agonize with it, she was able to see the black bile of her family situation that she was unable to move it through her digestive track. Rather than fight with the darkness, she learned to see it with the light of consciousness. She continued learning to listen to her body’s wisdom to free herself from the driving stuck irritants that she stored in her digestive track that she could not digest making up her illness.

Grounding with your body is the first step to enabling you to free yourself from the stress patterns – working with your body rather than against it.

The Eighth Principle of Metapsychiatry states “Problems are lessons designed for our edification.” For most, learning lessons from our problems from our problems is not the rule, but for a few there is an understanding of ‘T he Law of Attraction” and that things don’t just happen.

Life can be confusing however when “bad things” keep showing up and we don’t the skill of awareness and ability to translate the energy into a more resourceful form we suffer a continual downward spiral of confusion, discouragement and eventual self-hate.

“The ability to be with” is one of the definitions of compassion. Being with requires paying attention to rather than judging, fixing, managing etc. Looking at your issues with detachment gives you the ability to attune to the energy frequency (color, shape, sound, picture texture thoughts etc) of the blocked energy.

When you are able to listen to your body’s (symptom’s) voice without denial, judgment or repression, you begin to understand the deeper meaning of what’s going on with your unresolved issues. Insights become available. You see decisions shaping your life. Patterns suddenly make sense. You suddenly realize, of course, it had to be this way. What else would this entity do, it had no choice. My life was directed by this unconscious energy, guiding all my experiences.

Nothing Comes to Experience Uninvited.
Principle Number Seven of Meta psychiatry.

With awareness there is choice. You can suddenly see who, what and how your life would be beyond this pain body or energy vortex. With contemplation, you begin to notice the thought system and emotions making up the energy of the physical, emotional relational challenge of your life. You look beyond the content who did/said what and see the context of the issue (what thoughts do I hold about myself /others life.
You learn to take responsibility for belief system holding the energy in place. You witness and begin to see not only what you did that you don’t have to do anymore, but you also notice what you were never able to do that that releasing this energy will free to do, have or become. Grounding allows you to let go of assumptions (energetic binds) you hold about yourself and others. You are ready to use tools to release the limiting view and replace it with divine energy with thoughts that free you to live your life on a higher vibration level.

The old driver “who I thought I was” is no longer in control of your life because the limiting energy belief has been removed. It’s much easier to ground with your body when you have a support person. A support person is like having a grounding consciousness to hold the space of seeing you and your situation from a larger context.

If the support person has skill, they can also guide you to attune to what you need to release yourself from imprinted childhood decisions and emotional mental loops making up your present self made prison.

2. Personal Transformation requires that you be connected with your heart (feelings and needs) and be able to release and transform energy patterns in your body.

In the example of the woman with IBS above, she learned to practice witnessing her emotions rather than acting them out. Once she understood her anger as energy calling out for a need, she was able to use her anger to propel her toward meeting her needs rather than against herself and others. This redirection of consciousness completely transformed her life.

We all have been taught to disconnect, deny, repress and avoid our deepest feelings and needs. I grew up with both parents alcoholic. The unspoken belief was if you had feelings and needs you didn’t acknowledge them. If you did acknowledge them you didn’t expect anyone to listen. And if you had someone to hear you feelings and needs, you didn’t expect your needs to really get met. It’s the ultimate life of victimization.

Emotions are energy in motion. When Energy is blocked, repressed denied, it causes pain and becomes a disturbance affecting all aspects of ones life. Although denying feelings perhaps saved my life as a child, it caused enormous physical, emotional and relational pain in my adulthood.

Today, I am skilled in the ways of the heart. I have thirty years of personal professional growth and training in recognizing and releasing pain body blocks as well as getting past self-sabotaging and disconnecting pain-body reinforcing mind loops.

You Are Beautiful And Perfect with Your Imperfections.

3. Personal Transformation requires that you learn to connect to a higher wisdom – call it Spirit, God, Love Intelligence or The Field. The truth is however it is beyond our mind that ultimate healing really takes place. It needs to be something beyond you.

Your best thinking has gotten you where you are now, but it’s not enough.

In our Course in Miracles Group, we say “Miracles occur whenever a shift in consciousness occurs i.e. from a limiting belief to a unlimited belief. Most of us grew up with certain preconceived ideas – some good and some not so good.

If these habits, decisions and beliefs are not examined and brought to the light of Love-Intelligence, they remain behind the “Curtain of Oz.” We think we are living by pulling strings, however this is really only a life of smoke and mirrors,

The Tenth Principle of Metapsychiatry states: “The Understanding of what really is abolishes all that seems to be.” Until we truly know ourselves and know Reality, we continue to live in a dream world of self-deception.

But in order to know Reality “What really is” requires a way of waking up from our dream state. You will need an enabling process to break your curse and connect you to your own higher wisdom that part of you beyond your habitual default setting.

I heard years ago in a group meeting that we don’t need to chase, fix or manage the darkness, we only need to find the light. Spirit Love Intelligence is the light of consciousness that intervenes on darkness and dispels all appearances of limitations.

When we connect to our Higher Power, God, Spirit or Love Intelligence, it enables us to step out of ourselves. We leave our three dimensional existence and go to the trans dimensional. This is where God intervenes.

We only need to surrender and release our preset mental-pain body forms and default habits and notions. Think of your life as a good or bad dream, but a dream never the less. As long as you are in the dream – you are confined by it.

God or your Higher Intelligence is the one who knows you are dreaming and exists as the one beyond your personal sense of yourself who has created all the unsolvable problems.

When they asked Buddha “Are you a Saint?” he answered “No” “Are you a Guru?” they asked, Buddha answered, “No, I am not a Guru.” Then they asked, “Are you God?” Buddha answered, “No, I am not God.” “Well then, who are you!” they cried out. Buddha simply responded, “I’m Awake.”

Our Higher intelligence is the part observing you in the dream, the part of us that’s “Awake” and hoping that the rest of us will wake up from our transfixed position in life. However, Love waits on welcome and will never interfere until we ask. When we ask to have something remove by our Spirit it is instant and complete.

When we ask Holy Spirit to take the curse from us and have it replaced with our highest good, it is instant and complete. The only issue is receptivity and the willingness to receive. God helps those who let Him is the Fifth Principle of Metapsychiatry.

The next step is having the ability to anchor the new truth/energy into the deepest part of our cellular structure. When we become conscious of the witness state we are conscious of our freedom to choose or not. If we truly know “We are Loved and Lovable” That Love Created us Like itself” Love becomes the guiding principles of all our actions. We love and let our selves be loved.

For many this will be an on-going process. Love becomes the “how” when we know the “what” it is a skill as well as an attribute. It is also helpful to work with a Faith Based Counselor to discover the spiritual nature of one’s being. There are many layers of deception and one by one, each needs to be surrendered and have support to turn each of them over to spirit to be replaced with The Reality of Truth.

NOTE FROM DR. RYAN: I am a Mind, Body and Spirit Healing and Integration Specialist and Relationship Expert. I am always honored and happy to be a Beneficial Presence and an Instrument of God’s Grace. I love sharing personal, spiritual transformation skills to give others greater self connection, authenticity and realization of their Source and Higher Wisdom. I am committed to holding the vision to help you learn how to trust and live with real freedom and choice to realize lasting change.

I am committed to being fully present with you to listen with care and compassion. I will use my training and my intuitive skills to help you reach the next level. I am committed to help you connect to what’s really important to you and help you get past your blocks to reach the next level. My ultimate mission is to help you know how to connect to the deepest part of you and experience Love’s Truth living your life and showing you better ways to give and receive love.
Blessings to you for your Awakening Process and Learning to Live out of Spiritual Love Intelligence.
Timothy Ryan, Ph.D., D.Div.

THE ELEVEN PRINCIPLES OF METAPSYCHIATRY by Thomas Hora, MD. PC “Existential Metapsychiatry”
These eleven principles are guidelines that, when contemplated regularly and applied to our everyday lives are intended to increase receptivity to divine grace and to ensure progress on the spiritual path to enlightenment.

1. Thou shalt have no other interests before the good of God, which is spiritual.
2. Take no thought for what should be or for what should not be; seek ye first to know the good of God which already is.
3. There is no interaction anywhere; there is only Ominaction everywhere.
4. Yes is good, but no is also good.
5. God helps those who let Him.
6. If you know what, you know how.
7. Nothing comes into experience uninvited.
8. Problems are lessons designed for our edification.
9. Reality cannot be experienced or imagined; it can, however, be realized.
10. The Understanding of what really is abolishes all that seems to be.
11. Do not show your pearls to unreceptive minds, for they will demean them.

Dr Timothy J. Ryan’s education includes a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Divinity with a vast background in certifications in healings techniques and modalities. Although he has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, he does not practice as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Dr Ryan does not diagnose, treat any issues related to physical or mental clinical pathology. He does not aim or prepose to cure any disease or diagnosed illness. (New paragraph) Dr Ryan practices as a META Health Practitioner, Relationship Expert and Life Coach, an Intuitive Holistic Energy Healer, An Ordained Minister and Faith Based Individual and Family Counselor trained in many disciplines. (new Paragraph) He is best known for his sensitivity, compassion and ability to remove energy blocks for greater health, wealth, and relationship satisfaction. He incorporates Energy Healing Techniques and Spiritual Principles and practices. He is certified in Professional Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Health and Wellness, and many other techniques for optimum stress reduction, healing and transformation