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Co-Dependency Recovery

Nothing is more painful than being a hostage to a co-dependent relationship. It may take time to feel the devastating effects but the emotional bankruptcy is inevitable.

A google search reports that ninety percent of the people in the united states are suffering from some form of co-dependency and various forms of compulsive behavior. You are not alone. We are all wounded in some form in our family of origins and have paid the price. Although we were victimized in our families and didn’t have much choice, we are not victims today. We have a choice.



Being in relationship with someone who is addicted also has it’s own challenges and can have just as much pain as witnessing the other person going through the compulsive addiction itself.


General addictions can range from addictive thoughts and compulsive behaviors such as sex, love, giving up one’s self to hold onto a relationship to experiences of repeated sabotaging behaviors creating repeated pain and lost. When I was growing up, we live an affluent life but because of addictions, my family would make lots of money and then loose it. It was a roller coaster ride moving in and out of big houses with creditor chasing us. I realized early on as an adult, my life was repeating the same pattern as my parents. This was unacceptable to me and by the grace of God, I got help. These addictive behaviors have an increasing negative impact in the persons life creating increasing misery.


I grew up in an alcoholic, rageaholic, dysfunctional family.  To stay safe and have some sense of security, I learn to give up my feelings,  my needs, my ability to make requests, and finally my sense of self.  I have spend years in recovery to reclaim my authentic self and return to my original wholeness.


I am grateful and honored to those who have the courage to say enough is enough.  I offer concrete skills you can use right away to release stress and overcome insecurity and return to your secure self.


Are you or a loved one struggling with Co Dependency issues (Loss of Self) ?

Are you afraid to be vulnerable and struggling with not having true intimacy in your relationship?

Are you frustration with power struggles and repeated unresolved arguments?

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed, exhausted and feeling helpless to improve your relationship?

Are these issues keeping you distant and eating up more and more of your life?

Do you see your relationship and life going in a negative spiral downward?

Do you need to learn how to set boundaries and take better care your health and well-being?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.



What is Co-Dependency?


According to Psychology Today “ Codependency is a dysfunctional relationship dynamic where one person assumes the role of “the giver,” sacrificing their own needs and well-being for the sake of the other, “the taker.”


According to the American Psychological Association “Codependency in a relationship is when each person involved is mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually reliant on the other. You could say the codependent defines his or her worth or goodness based on another person. A codependent relationship can not only exist between romantic partners, but also with extended family, children and friends, and in the majority of cases leads to dysfunctional relationship patterns.


If a repetitive, unwanted, depleting behavior patterns is impacting the quality of your life, I can help you return to yourself and have the relationship of your dreams, not your nightmares.


Whether you see me or someone else, It’s always beneficial to seek support when you are losing more and more of yourself. Co-dependents slowly drown in a sea of guilt and self sacrifice to people, places and things. I can help you get the support you need to recover from a dysfunctional family / addictive / co-dependency relationship issue. I have over thirty years of recovery and professional /personal training with transformational skills in recovery.


My clients describe their co-dependent relationship in terms of feeling more like a hostage rather than an intimate partnership. Co-dependents usually loose themselves in childhood denying their feelings and needs and avoiding asking for anything because the parents are simply too messed up to deal with anything but themselves. If you are struggling with dysfunctional family (past or present), you don’t have to stay stuck in helplessness, hopelessness and despair.




As I mentioned earlier, I grew up with a Mother who was a alcoholic/ rage alcoholic and a Father who was a compulsive gambling addict and co-dependent. This had a severe impact on my family finances and resulted in various forms of emotional insecurity because of numerous core limiting beliefs. I suffered from exaggerated responsibility and martyrdom through two marriages until I finally got help.


When I started therapy, I suffered from low self-esteem, panic attacks and a number of unconscious core shame beliefs ie not good enough, not undeserving, others needs more important than mine etc. I also suffered from poor coping strategies and compulsive behavior patterns drugs and drinking for a time taking my life and my relationships in a downward spiral.


I am so grateful to have had help and mentoring from the leading therapist of our time. I can teach you the same skills I learn ed. These are concrete skills you can use right away to elevate yourself, your relationships and your life.


As an Adult, you don’t have to be a victim anymore. I can help break free of the chains from your past to have a more satisfying, authentic, healthy relationship with yourself and others. You can have a more fulfilling rewarding life beyond anything you could have imagine. You can join the ranks of the relationship Masters with nurturing bonding patterns rather than the Disasters who only know negative, toxic and unfulfilled bonding patterns.


The Hallmark of Co-dependency is Martyrdom, Self-Sacrifice, Exaggerated Responsibility and Eventually a Total Loss of Self.


It has the following characteristics:

1. A tendency to make other’s needs more important than one’s own.

2. An increasing fear and insecurity and loss of control, which may fuel conflict.

3. Difficulty recognizing and expressing one’s feelings and needs with increasing loss of self-worth. The time is now to start your recovery process.



Start Your Recovery Today!

If you suffer any of the above, I can help you navigate the trials and common mistakes of the recovery process. I can also help you learn the skills you can use right away to resolve conflict on all levels and reach your goals of a happier, healthier life.


In as few as six sessions, you can begin to see yourself, your relationships and your life in an entirely new way.   SEE TESTIMONIES

If you are seeking support to help you in your recovery process, It will be the best way to lead your family out of dysfunction and into the light of healthy fulfillment. I have helped many people break the cycle of co-dependency, shame and acting out.


Now is the time to take action to get support for your recovery and build skills to up-grade yourself and begin to experience your new life contact me to discuss your issues today.


I have more than 30 years, professional and personal healing experience from my own addictions and co-dependency. I enjoy working with individuals from addictive / dysfunctional families and find it personally rewarding to see individuals break free from their own self made hell and victimization If enough is enough and you are ready to free yourself from the chains of codependency, I have the necessary skills to help you achieve a higher quality of life. We will partner together to find out whats underlying your codependency / addiction and free you from it. I aim to heal the mind, body and spirit.


Learn Skills You Can Use Right Away To ~ —Increase Your Ability to Give and Receive Genuine Authentic Love

You Can Get Compassionate Empowering Support Now.

You Deserve to Be Your Best, Feel Your Best

and Have Your Best Life and  Best Relationship Today.


It’s not enough to tell yourself I want to stop this behavior / addiction. There are many factors underlying and creating a co-dependency/addictive pattern. Getting help from a skilled, well-trained counselor is critical. Support to do a reality check is the first step toward dealing with the specific underlying causes of your co-dependency /addictive behavior issues in order to move forward with your life.


As a person and professional in recovery, I am committed to offer you the skills you can use right away to break free and return to your authentic self. I offer compassionate support, care and expertise.


I’ve been in the relationship improvement field for over thirty years. Everything I offer is something I have benefited from and transformed my life with so I know it works and it will work for you.


I’m attentive to the needs of my clients and able to offer a custom, personalized service. I hold many certifications in my field and use a variety of transformational techniques in the effort to help you regain control of your life and return home to yourself. I personally understand how damaging co-dependency and substance abuse can be to you and your loved ones.


Stop the downward cycle. Make an appointment today. I’ll meet with you as often as you need to turn things around. I can help you develop strategies and build your confidence to become more successful in improving yourself, your relationship and your life in recovery. My counseling techniques are proven evidenced based and holistic and have the potential to help not only rid yourself of the negative behavior patterns, but can also help you see yourself, your relationship and your life from a completely new perspective.


Online Tele-Health Internet Counseling

From the comfort of your home, office or car, you can get support now without the hazel of travel or dealing with traffic.    More and more people are seeking counseling /coaching online. Online / internet counseling can be helpful for those who want the ease and convenience of working from home.


There are numerous studies showing that online counseling works just as well if not better than in-person counseling.Today from the safety of your home, car or office you can get guidance and therapy on how to resolve your issues once and for all.


Working online has been so successful for me and my clients, I now see people only on-line. Online counseling gives you the same or better results as in-person counseling.



If you have ever needed support to gain perspective, learn new skills and get relief for any of your issues but time and travel were inconvenient, online counseling sessions are the perfect way to get support.


Since I am the director and lead counselor for a AIWP Miracles Ministry, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, I can offer discounted pay as you go and even more discounted package deals when you make a commitment to invest in yourself in a six , twelve, or 18 session package. You can see major results in six sessions. If you have long term trauma historical wounds and dysfunctional relationships, it takes more time to heal and consolidate gains.


Online counseling with me is much less expensive than in person counseling. I recently looked at the prices for online and in-person counseling and found it can run as high as $250 dollars for an initial intake and $185. dollars a session for on-going counseling. Ask me about my discounted rates and buy a package and save even more.


All information is totally confidential and privileged. You can also see me anonymously if you wish. From the ease and convenience of your living room, meditative sanctuary you can connect with me using the internet.


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