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Legal Disclaimer

Welcome to my website. For my protection and yours, I want you to know the following information. The information contain on this website including ideas, terms, suggestions, techniques and other reading materials is educational in nature and intended only as general information and is not intended to be medical or psychological advice.
Transmission of the information on this website is is not intended to create, and receipt does not constitute a client-coach, or any other type of professional relationship between the reader and Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D. and should not be relied upon as medical, psychological, coaching or other professional advice of any kind or nature. The intent of this website is to provide self-help information and education. It is not intended to be a treatment for a diagnosed physical, mental emotional disorder of any kind.
As part of the information provided on this website, you understand that all sessions will be guided by Holy Spirt and are intended to be in alighment with Biblical Principles and Spiritual Truths. You will also be introduced to a newly emerging energy based family of coaching and self-help methods (the energy methods).
Energy methods. is a collective term use to refer to a a variety of alternative and and complimentary techniques based on use and modification of energy fields that look at imbalances within the persons energy system as well as the energetic influence of thoughts, beliefs and emotions on the body. Energy oriented therapies are considered experimental and they have not be substantiated by mainstream healthcare.
The Website is available only to individuals who are considered of legal age of adult. If you are not yet 16 years or older, you must stop using this website and get parental approval in writing sent to Dr. Timothy Ryan at his contact information before continuing to use this Website.
Our use of systems that are trademarked or have a registered trademark represents our views and not necessarily those of the trademark owners. The methods of healing that you read about on this website may be still in an experimental stage and by using them, you take full responsibility for your own health.

All information and other materials contained on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat and/or cure any physical, mental emotional disease and/or any other diagnosed medical or psychological disorder.

If you have been diagnosed, suffer from and/or have any concerns for a physical, mental and/or psychological, emotional condition or DSM IV Disorder, this website may not be appropriate for you. Please seek an appropriate licensed Medical, Psychiatric, Psychological and/or Mental Health Care Provider to assist you.


Any Faith Based Energy Healing Methods, Spriti Energy Healing such as Emotional Frreedom Techniques referenced or offered in this site are educational and are not meant to replace proper medical or therapeutic treatment/ advice.
Although Energy Healing is widely used as a self-help technique, it is still in the experimental stages. Users should seek the advice of qualified physicians and health professionals regarding its use.
The information presented and attendance at any community service activities provided in this website is not intended to be a substitute or replacement for obtaining professional treatment and/or advice from an appropriate medical / mental health professional consultant.
The information provided and contained in this website should not be considered or relied upon as directives, suggestions and/or psychological, psycho-therapeutic, medical or any other personal/ professional advice of any kind or nature what- so-ever.

Again if you suffer or have been diagnosed with a physical, psychological disorder, the information presented on this website may not be appropriate and individuals or couples with any severity of mental psychological disorders and/or addictions should consult your own medical mental health counselor or appropriate state licensed psychological medical authorities.

Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D. D.Div. is currently acting Director of AIWP Miracles Ministry, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit Charitable Religious Organization Tax ID is 95-3455451.

Ecumenical Individual and Relationship Healing Organization. Dr. Ryan is also a Member and holds Diplomate Status at the Pastoral Medical Association. Both Organizations offer Healing and Restorative Counseling.

Please Note

Although Dr. Ryan has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, he does not practice as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. His focus is on the whole person removing blocks to integration of mind, body spirit optimum Health and Relationship Wellness. Dr. Ryan’s intention is work with spiritually receptive individuals and couples to improve mind, body, spirit health as an adjunct to medical care,
If you have any mental health issues, please consult a State Licensed Therapist, Mental Health Professional or Medical Doctor before considering participating in this program or using any of the information or techniques offered on this website. Dr. Ryan’s services do not include diagnosing or attempting to cure pathology or treat any form of physical mental illness or disease which constitutes the conventional practice of psychology and medicine.
Any one seeking to benefit from services from Dr. Ryan must sign a Health and Wellness Agreement recognizing full responsibility for his / her own health and well-being. Any use or non use of the principles and skills taught by Dr. Ryan is intended to be beyond the clinical realm of diagnosing or treating pathology and curing disease.
Dr. Ryan’s sole intention is to see you as a spiritual being, whole and complete human being possessing a wealth of undiscovered underdeveloped strengths, assets, and resources all of which are available as blocks are removed. ~ In this ministerial context, he focuses on wellness rather than managing symptoms and sickness.
The majority of Individuals and couples who want to learn skills for self empowerment and relationship enrichment see benefit from the program however success is ultimate up to each person using the skills to take their health, wealth and relationship to the next level.

Understanding Dr. Ryan’s Credentials.

In the State of California, Rev. Dr. Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D. D.Div. practices as a Ordained Minister Licensed Pastoral Faith Based Healer DPT # 6461745. by the Pastoral Medical Association. He is also the Director of AIWP Miracles Ministry, a 501 (c) (3) Religious, Non profit Organization which promotes Health and Wellbeing with Pastoral Relationship Counselor and Holistic Integrative Mind, Body, Spirit Energy Healing. In accordance with section 2908 and 4999.22 (c) of the State of California Business and Professional Code, he does not provide services under the law regulating state licensed Marriage and Family Counselors, Clinical Social Workers, and Psychologists in the State of California.
His training includes: but is not limited to: Health and Wellness Counseling, Individual Marriage Family Counseling, META Medicine, META Healing, Meridian Therapy, Mind Body Spirit Integration and Healing, Energy Medicine as well as Neuro-Linguistics Reprogramming (NLP Training and Hypnosis with Matrix Re- Imprinting.
In accordance with section 2908 and 4999.22 (c) of the State of California Business and Professional Code,
Dr. Ryan is a duly ordained member of a recognized clergy, and duly ordained religious practi­tioner doing the work of a psychological nature consistent with the laws governing Faith Based Healing.
Dr. Ryan does not hold himself out to the public by any title or description of services incorporating the words “psychological,” “psychologist,” “psychology,”“psychometrist,” “psychometrics,” or “psychometry,” or imply that he is licensed by the State to practice psychology;

Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D., D.Div. practices as a duly ordained member of The Association for Integration of the Whole Person a recognized clergy, and duly ordained religious practitioner doing work of a psychological nature consistent with the laws governing his respective professions and provide services as a Pastoral Individual, Marriage Family, Faith Based Healer. He is the lead Counselor and Spiritual Director of AIWP Miracles Ministry a 501 (c) (3) non-profit Religious Organization Tax ID is 95-3455451.


The Association for Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP) Miracles Ministry

is a federally-recognized 501(c)(3)  non profit,

charitable organization Tax ID is 95-3455451. 

As such, he offers services exclusively within PMA and AIWP Mission Statements and Health Services Membership where he practices as a Board Certified Holistic Practitioner and Licensed Faith Healer and Counselor L6461735 (licensed granted from The Pastoral Medical Association.) as well as a Licensed Ordained Minister and Ordained Pastoral Marriage Family and Child Counselor certified by The Association for Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP ) Miracles Ministry.
Dr. Ryan is Board Certified Board Certified Relationship Expert and Professional Counselor by the American Psychotherapy Association where he holds Fellow Status. In this capacity he has been trained in many disciplines with the intention of offering greater health and wellness by reducing stress healing, enriching relationships and promoting greater conscious intentional living for a more compassionate world.

Privacy Practices Notice

All information is considered


Please Note: Privacy goes beyond the HIPPA Act, in that all information is totally confidential and privileged beyond the power of any subpoena.
That is any conversation that takes places within the context of a our relationship, is protected against forced disclosure of such conversations. State law gives Ministers and Clients Absolute confidentiality with the only exception requiring re portable crimes against children and elders, and the intent to do harm to self or others.

Basically You Agree That:

Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D. does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly.
The intent of this website is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for spiritual and emotional well-being. In the event that you use any of the information in this website for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D. assumes no responsibility for your actions.
The reading and receipt of transmission of information and other materials on this website is not intended to create a professional relationship nor does receipt constitute any therapist client or other professional relationship between AIWP Miracles Ministry, Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D., D.Div. and his associates and affiliates.
The information provided in this website is offered only as general self-help information. Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D. D.Div. and any of his affiliates nor is this AIWP Miracles Ministry representing itself to practice as a State Licensed Psychologist, Medical Doctor and/or State Licensed Mental Health Agency prescribing drugs or authorizing treatment for diagnosed conditions in any way or instance.
The information, stories, examples, or testimonials presented on this website do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using any such material contained herein for any particular purpose or issue.
The information, testimonies and claims contained in this website are no guarantee that your results will be the same and are not intended to be a claim of cure. While all materials and links and other resources are posted in good faith, the accuracy, validity, effectiveness, completeness, or usefulness of any information herein, as with any publication, cannot be guaranteed.
The PMA and AIWP Miracles Ministry, Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D., D.Div. and affiliates accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use, non-use or misuse of the information or services contained on this website.

By viewing this website
You agree to take full responsibility
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You also agree to fully release, indemnify, and hold harmless, AIWP Miracles Ministry, Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D., D.Div. and his heirs, personal representatives, employees, volunteers, all affiliated organizations and others associated with AIWP Miracles Ministry and himself from any claim or liability whatsoever and for any damage or injury, personal, emotional, psychological, financial or otherwise, which you may incur arising at any time out of or in relation to your use of this website and or the subsequent coaching healing and/or training and other materials contained herein or given at a future time.
Any Non-Human Visitors to these Websites shall be considered agents of the individual(s) who controls, authors or otherwise makes use of them. Such individual(s) shall be deemed responsible for the actions of their Non-Human Visitor devices in the same manner as if they personally visited the Website.
If any court of law rules that any part of the Disclaimer is invalid, the Disclaimer stands as if those parts were struck out.
This website contains copyrighted material (all rights reserved). Any unauthorized use of the information published on this website is prohibited by federal law.
By continuing to explore our website, you agree to all of the above. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement, then you may not access the Website or use any services.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

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Married to Donna Ryan with four grown children who are living on their own, Christina, Jonathan, Scott and Jenifer. We still have one child at home Buddha our loving teacher and therapy dog.

Buddha our Precious Holy Teacher

This practice is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association to provide Pastoral Health & Wellness services to our clients.

The Association for Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP) Miracles Ministry is a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) non profit, charitable organization Tax ID is 95-3455451.


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This practice is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association to provide Pastoral Health & Wellness services to our clients.