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Mar 19, 2016

Co Dependency Recovery

It has been reported that 98 percent of the people in the united states are suffering from some form of compulsive behavior and resulting addiction.   These can range from addictive thoughts and relationship and/or behavior patterns to actual drug or substance abuse where doing more and more of the drug / behavior has a increasing negative impact in your life.

Being in relationship with someone who is addicted has it’s own challenges and can have just as much toxic impact as the person going through the addiction itself.

If you are seeking support to help you in your recovery now is the time to take action to begin your new life.    consider visiting me, Dr. Timothy J Ryan, PHD, D.Div.

I have more than 30 years, healing from my own co-dependecy and addiction.   I want to help you achieve a higher quality of life. We will partner together to find out what works best for you to  I aim to heal the mind, spirit, and body through my work, and I want you to understand the sources of your physical symptoms.

Are you or a loved one struggling with Addiction or Co Dependency issues? Are you having trouble coping with a specific issue or focusing on doing the things you know give you health and well-being? If a repetitive addiction problem impacting the quality of your life.   It is always beneficial to see a person with professional experience who can help you navigate the trials and errors of the process of recovery. At Dr. Timothy J Ryan, PHD, D.Div of AIWP., I am here to provide you with the tools and treatment you need to move forward toward a happier, healthier future.

You Deserve to Feel Your Best Compassionate Care

It’s not enough to tell yourself I want to stop this behavior / addiction.   There are many factors underlying and creating an addictive pattern.  Getting help from a skilled, well-trained counselor is the first step toward dealing with the specific underlying causes of your addictive issues in order to move forward with your life. As a professional counselor, I am committed to offer thorough, compassionate treatment and care. And I go out of my way to maintain a warm, welcoming office environment.

If you need mental health counseling, don’t suffer in silence. I’m here to help. Call Dr. Timothy J Ryan, PHD, D.Div. in Temecula, Fall Brook  Vista, and Bonsall CA to schedule your appointment.  I can provide you with:

  • Attentive and detail-focused treatments
  • Quick response times to appointment requests
  • Personalized treatment plans

I’ve been in the addiction field for over thirty years. I’m attentive to the needs of my clients and able to offer personalized service. I hold many certifications in my field and can use a variety of treatment techniques in the effort to help you regain control of your life. I understand how damaging substance abuse can be to you and your loved ones, so I make it as easy as possible to seek treatment.

I’m available for appointments Monday through Saturday, and I’ll meet with you as often as needed to help you develop confidence to become successful in your recovery.  My substance abuse treatment techniques are holistic and have the potential to help not only rid yourself of the person, place, thing or drug substance dependency but see yourself and your life from a completely new perspective.   To find out more, give me, Dr. Timothy J Ryan, PHD, D.Div., a call today.  949-250-1423