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May 23, 2016

Got Stress – Here’s What To Do About It.

I’ve become increasingly aware that over half of my Clients have reported increased stress over the last past five years with many indicating they live with “extreme stress.”

Stress is a common experience today and correlated with numerous health challenges and can lead to serious dis-ease.

Stress can be associated with anything from personal, family conflict to dealing with traffic and toxins in the environment and struggling with the economic downturn.


Symptoms of can range from  “butterflies” in the stomach to experiencing fatigue, headaches, upset stomach, and other unpleasant body sensations with increasing anxiety and worry to increased muscle tension and tightness all over the body manifesting in dizziness, nausea and even lead to full-blown rage and panic attacks.

Stress and anxiety often go together and can also reduce our concentration, creativity and resourcefulness at times when we need them most.

Over time stress can take an increasing toll on the body lead to reduce vitality, and resilience causing mental and emotional loss of wellbeing and functioning with increasing fatigue and depression.

Anxiety Depression and Self Sabotage and other forms of stress may also be the result of past negative or traumatic experiences where we learned to associate a stress to certain types of person, place and/or situation.

For example if you had an accident at a busy intersection you would be anxious in the future when approaching an intersection or if you experienced being humiliated when speaking up or in front of people, it would cause you to fear asserting yourself and speaking up in future situations.

Likewise if you have been criticized growing up when doing math problems or anything else as a child, you likely would experience exaggerated stress, fear and anxiety when presented with math problems or other performance situations as an adult.

Your primitive mind cannot tell the past from the present and will continually react to speaking in public or doing math or any past trauma with an alarm response (fight flight freeze).  This continuing alarm state or response causes your body to experience increased stress even though there may be not be a threat present today.

Over time our primitive alarm system continually reacting to chronic stress takes an increasing toll on the body. Unresolved stress and anxiety are leading contributors to sickness and loss of vitality.

Finding ways to reduce your stress is critical to help you stay healthy and maintain resilience and vitality to meet demands of work and family.

But what’s a person to do with little time and continually increasing demands of family and work.  In our fast pace society, we need fast ways to help us keep up and stay ahead of our stress triggers.

I recommend and teach my clients a number of stress reduction modalities to interrupt the fight flight freeze response and help them in becoming more conscious and intentional.


One of the best and easiest techniques to reduce stress and anxiety is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  It’s really helpful for busy people who don’t have time to spend years in talk therapy and want to learn a gentle, fast technique to take the “angst” out of their anxiety and completely reduce their stress.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a revolutionary new method having a powerful impact for rapidly and gently releasing and resolving emotional distress and trauma simply by tapping on acupoints.    In one to three sessions it can help you  clear anxiety, limiting beliefs and dissolve guilt, shame and pain.  It can be a tool you can use right away and have for the rest of your life to help you resolve a number of  emotional problems, traumas, addictions and many physical symptoms.  EFT has become a major trend widely popularize on Oprah, Dr. Oz,, and the internet.  Thousand of people have found it helpful and are using it to resolve anything and everything and demonstrated on U-Tube.

EFT is sometimes described as “acupuncture with out needles.” This is because Meridian Tapping Techniques use specific points on your body that are known as “acupressure” points; they are the same points used in acupuncture. George Goodheart, a chiropractor, originally found he could substitute simple manual pressure for needles.  He saw the same beneficial results by simply applying manual pressure, instead of needles, to the acupuncture points

EFT is simple and can be easily and effectively used to stay ahead of the challenges of day-to-day interactions.

EFT is fast and effective for reducing all kinds of stress and helps you stay resourceful and creative while maintaining resilience.

You can learn to use it right away and, with practice, can be a valuable therapeutic tool to use for all types of stresses, healing past trauma and even be used to increase your future success.

EFT has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety faster than “talk therapy” and it’s effect last longer.

EFT is also one of the best ways, I know of, to help you take your power back and take care of your alarm response to reduce and even eliminate your stress before it becomes a physical, mental, emotional problem.

See EFT Documentary “Try it on Everything”  EFT

I recommend anyone who wants to stay healthy and maintain optimum efficiency in his or her life to learn EFT and other energy healing body based techniques.

In just a few short sessions, you will have a technique you can use anytime anywhere to reduce your stress and even heal past trauma.

Dr. Timothy Ryan is in private practice and teaches clients a number of stress reduction techniques including EFT.  His mission is to teach and support clients on how to remove blocks and maintain a healthy and vibrant mind, body and spirit.   He is Intuitive Relationship Counselor and Mind Body Healing and Wellness Expert.

Dr Ryan has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Divinity. He has taught as numerous colleges, hospitals and churches and is a Board Certified Diplomate at the American Association of Integrative Medicine and the American Psychotherapy Association. He is also a Certified EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer.