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Faith-Based Healing

Faith Based Healing with Faith Based Counseling, Faith Based Counseling, or Pastoral Counseling are all interchangeable words referring to counseling that combines behaviorial science and mental health principles found in most traditional counseling practices with the teachings and principles found scripture and universal spiritual healing principles. Faith Based Counseling or FBC helps individuals and couples not only look at their physical, mental, emotional, and relational well-being but also helps them relate to their issues from a spiritual context.

At AIWP Miracles Ministry, We focus on the care of the whole person. We offer a safe place for you to look at your issues at the place where your are and support you to see your issues from a larger context.

Dr. Timothy J. Ryan is the lead counselor at AIWP Miracles Ministry and has many years of experience in FSC. It’s important to note that althought Dr. Ryan has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology he does not practice as a Clinical Psychologist and he does not examine, diagnose, treat or offer to cure any physical or mental health disease. It’s also important to note, you don’t have to be religious or even spiritual to gain benefits from seeing Dr Ryan. He only asks that you be open to understand that your initial issues may have greater meaning or spiritual lessons attached to them.

People who seek FBC do not see themsellves as sick and would not be considered so by their counselors.

Thoses who seek FBC are usually open to and realize they need help to look at their lives from a broader perspective and go beyond the traditional psychological realm of counseling. We have a saying that “All Problems are Psychological, But All Solutions are Spiritual” (Quote by Thomas Hora, M.D., PC. Meta Psychiatry)

If you believe in a mind/body/spirit connection and have the faith of a mustard seed, you are in the right place to find a fast track to peace of mind. Dr. Ryan offers you an opportunity to go to the next level by removing blocks, learning skills, and gain a new identity by returning to your original wholeness.

Faith Based Counseling Offers Healing For The Following:


My personal spiritual practice is an important part of my own healing and personal peace of mind and security. I could not do the work I do without the guidance of Spirit, God or Universal Love.

I believe that God ( Spirit Love-Intelligence ) is  the ultimate healer and redeemer. 

I I love helping individuals, couples and families become more confident in self/other authentic connection and remove blocks to better give and receive love.

I believe that when we realize we are made in the image and likeness of Love (God) and know that love is our only source, we naturally heal and seek to extend love to others. I believe God’s Love and Wisdom are always available to us especially as blocks are removed. 

My mission is to teach skills to help you remove your barriers to maximize your natural ability to give and receive love. I will also support you to become more conscious and intentional in your life to be a beneficial presence and promote a more complasionate world for others.