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About Pastoral Integrative Therapy

In a 1994 Newsweek poll, found that 58% of respondents said they feel the need to experience spiritual growth. According to a USA Today Study: Many Americans reject religion, but individuals still remain strong in their spirituality- “The researchers also found that as religiosity in America wanes, a more general spirituality is on the rise, with 6 in 10 adults saying they regularly feel a “deep sense of spiritual peace and well-being,” Also increasing: is the number of people who experienced and desire a “deep sense of wonder” about the universe.

Traditional Clinically Licensed Practitioners such as Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Clinical Social Workers and Marriage Family Counselors at best are uncomfortable talking about spiritual needs and often times are ethically bound to refer out, if someone desires to discuss their issues in a spiritual context. Traditionally licensed clinicians also tend to confine their focus on the DSM Diagnostic Labels. They are trained to help clients cope or conform to societal norms by correcting mental emotional family dysfunction and managing symptoms as it relates to DSM Spectrum of Mental Illness.

Pastoral Therapists, on the other hand, have been trained to discuss issues related to a spiritual dimension and often help clients understand the underlying spiritual meaning of their challenges and it’s relationship to the human condition. Pastoral Counselors specialize in clarifying the spiritual meaning behind the human limitation or conditions underlying physical, mental emotional issues and help clients remove blocks to ultimate happiness. See Testimonies When a client understands his or her life from a broader context, they have greater freedom to be more grounded and secure because of their connection and confidence knowing their True Source.

Holistically trained Energy Practitioners and Mind, Body Spirit healing and Integration Faith Based Healers are trained to remove barriers to wholeness and help individuals find answers by connecting to their own inner intelligence and wisdom and look at their life from a larger perspective. This allows an individual to gain greater insight into their issues and give their life more meaning looking at it from a spiritual context. Spiritually oriented practitioners also help clients (if they choose) to connect and learn how to get answers from spirit.
Pastoral Therapists are also unique in that they specialize in integrating the spirit with the mind and body. Enlightened Spiritual Counselors believe that only by focusing on a person in the largest context, they end up with a more complete healing than just by focusing on parts and pieces of a person’s pathology.
Thomas Hora, MD, P.C who was my mentor and Ph.D. Advisor in graduate school, was quoted as saying to study sickness is like studying the decaying of leaves of a tree. To study Health, we must study wholeness, we must study the wholeness. Only by studying wholeness of an individual can we understand his or her life giving creative potential.
According to the American Association for Pastoral Counseling (AAPC), the value of attending to a person’s spirituality, as a context for helping him or her heal various aspects of their lives is becoming a greater reality in the health sciences. According to “The Lilly Endowment, Inc., 96% of the population – 242 million Americans – says they believe in God. The AAPC also cite A 1996 USA Today survey found that 79% of Americans acknowledge that faith can help recovery from illness. According to another survey, cited by the AAPC, 77% of patients feel their physician should consider their spiritual needs.

Research has also showed that many individuals are becoming more pro-active and increasingly seeking counselors who align with their values and desire practitioners who can support them to take greater responsibility for their health care needs. Research has also shown that Individuals of all backgrounds use alternative health practitioners However, The higher the level of education a consumer has, the more likely they are to turn to complementary or alternative practices (for example, see Complementary/Alternative Medicine article from the National Institute of Health Dec 2008).

More and more individuals are seeking support from a health practitioner, with a proven track record, who is grounded in spirituality and who can provide a spiritual context to help them better understand and become more integrated in their mind, body spirit in dealing with personal / relationship challenges. (see Answers to Questions About Pastoral Therapy) 


I practice as a faith-based individual and relationship counselor / psychotherapist  and Board Certified Intuitive Mind, Body Spirit  IntegrationPractitioner and  Energy Healer.  I have numerous Certifications  in Professional Healing and Counselling and numerous other healing modalities including Neuro-linguistic Programing.   My mission is  to help iIndividuals, Couples, Parents and Children resolve conflict on all levels and achieve more meaningful relationships.     

As a Certified Pastoral Counselor/Psychotherapist   I offer the best of evidenced based Psychology and Behavioral Science and Spirituality and Healing Techniques.

I am Christian in my orientation, however I am not legalistic or rigid in my viewpoints and respect and honor all religious faiths that teach love. As a Christian, I believe in the healing power of Love and Forgiveness over dogma. I focus of healing principles and skills to connect with inner wisdom. I do not dispense dogma, nor am I in the habit of being judgemental and preaching with “shoulds” and “have too”. My goal is to give you skills to enhance your personal faith and peace of mind. I specialize in removing blocks to being able to give and receive love as well as helping clients see their issues from a larger spiritually congruent perspective

I believe all religious in their highest form hold values that are integrative and help humanity reach beyond themselves to see the world as a place for God’s Love to shine. I also believe all religions in their essence help mankind live life with more compassion for themselves and others with healing principles to teach the art of being a Beneficial Presence.. In this respect, I practice as an Intuitive, Mind, Body, Spirit Centered, Healing and Integration Therapist My major goal is to teach individuals, couples, parents and children how to better give and receive love.
I have counsel with clients of all faiths and persuasions including those who have no faith and are not necessarily open to be more spiritually connected. I see clients in person as well as via phone and email or over the internet how to remove blocks to greater well-being and success in their Health, Wealth and Relationships. I am licensed and Board Certified to see clients in all fifty states.
As a Ordained Minister and Pastoral Counselor, (unlike traditional therapist),, I can absolutely guarantee complete confidentiality – that means no matter what state you are in and no matter who tries to subpoena your records, your records will never be given out (unless there is a danger to self or other,) your records will always be considered privileged information.


The answer is absolutely Yes! All information shared with me is absolutely privileged, confidential and totally protected beyond the HIPPA regular therapist patient confidentiality standards. Traditional Therapy also attempts to guarantees confidentiality however HIPPA protection of client information has been a disappointment recently because of lacking safeguards with insurance companies and information getting passed around and being lost.. Your information can also be subpoenaed as well as your therapist. See Article Right to Practice with Secure Confidentiality

About AIWP / Miracles Ministry

 The Association for Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP) and AIWP / Miracles Ministry are both one  501 (c) (3) Humanitarian, Non-Denominational  Spiritual/Religious  Organization that provide a regulated means for sincere and spiritually committed, healthcare practitioners to become competently trained professional ordained professional faith-based individual and relationship counseling.  Dr Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D., D.Div. offers evidenced based,  effective state-of-the-art mind, body spirit counseling and health and wellness services.

Operating under the sanction of AIWP, and the PMA, I am the founder and director of AIWP Miracles Ministry which provides counseling and community service resources and scholarships from donations received by financial contributors. AIWP provide you with state of the art skills to help you return to knowing and connecting with your own your own original wholeness or Innate Spiritual Wisdom. Only having a Spiritual Connection to seeing one’s life from the largest perspective can you know the true meaning of love, fulfillment and compassion.. Every true religion seeks to give mankind a liberated perspective beyond self gratification and self confirmation as a means of true contentment and peace of mind. See AIWP Miracles Ministry

AIWP has no rigid dogma however believes that love of life

and people is achieved through an integrated awakening

of the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional processes.


I am also proud to be the Founder, Director and Lead counselor of The Association For the Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP) Miracles Ministry a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit humanitarian religious organization set up to energize and empower spiritual persons to promote a more compassionate world.
The Association for Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP) is a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) non profit, charitable non-denominational religious organization Tax ID is 95-3455451.
At AIWP, , we also offer numerous community services including: Individual Couples counseling, Health and Wellness Counseling, Spiritual Direction Sessions, Weddings, Transitions Services, Prayer Sessions as well as others. At AIWP, we also offer scholarships for community services as well as for counseling services.
Because we are supported with loving donations, we are able to offer a limited number of scholarships to individuals, parents and children and couples seeking counseling and support services. We offer up to a 40% discount for all individuals who sight a HEALTH AND WELLNESS MEMBER AGREEMENT See and sign here. We offer additional scholarship discounts for students, seniors, healthcare workers, government workers, union workers, and active or inactive military personnel.
At any of our functions, you will receive professional, compassionate care and support that will help you integrate skills to immediately improve all aspects of your life. You will also gain confidence in yourself to become empowered to learn the latest personal and relationship healing and enrichment tools to transform your health, wealth and relationships to go to the next level.