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Insurance And Fees

We do not take insurance for the following reasons:

Insurance companies only pay claims when there is a diagnostic label which focuses only on seeing the worst self-destructive aspects of a client.


Insurance reimbursements fall under Doctor / Patient HIPPA Agreement which allows records to be filed with insurance companies (subject to breaches) and can subpoenaed later in any court action.


Diagnostic Labels also can follow a patient for years. and can become stigmas when individuals are forced to sign release of information forms and can be used to prevent employment opportunities.


Insurance information is also handled by numerous parties and therefore, cannot be guaranteed confidential and have often times been breached.


Insurance Companies also demand that the therapist focus on pathology and diagnostic labels which risk reinforcing the patient’s pathology.


In the past, I have found. that Insurance Companies increasingly deny claims for anything other than chronic, extreme self-destructive emotional distress and severe chronic mental illness that lead to potential harm to self or other.


  Dr Ryan’s Practice

I specialize in Individual / Relationship Healing and Transformation focusing on Mind, Body Spirit, Relationship Health and Wellness Integration.  I offer both Coaching and Counseling.   My life has been devoted to personal healing for myself and to being a Relationship Expert and  removing barriers to giving and receiving love.


I do not see anyone as sick.  They only lack resources and skills.


I do not diagnose or treat any form of mental illness or disease which constitutes the traditional practice of psychology and medicine and is outside our scope and practice.


My intention is to focus on wellness rather than manage symptoms.  I want to focus on what’s right with you instead of what’s wrong with you.  If you are under medical /or psychological, mental health care, I will  work with you  as an adjunct to medical /psychological cared and  medicine.


My goal is to  create a safe atmosphere to help clients return to their authentic original wholeness.   My mission is to free every client to reach their full authentic and spiritual potential.  See Testimonies 


I love working with open minded,  successful individuals and couples, who want to be more successful by learning practical skills for conflict resolution on all levels.  I also teach self-healing and relationship enrichment success skills.


In as few as six sessions, you can learn concrete skills that you can use right away  to relieve stress and heal relationships.  See Testimonies 


My techniques are  solution based, evidenced based, practical and easy to learn, apply and use.   They are  grounded in successful relationship and healing and enrichment principles and practice.


By the end of our time working together,  you will experience  yourself, your relationships and your life in a completely new way.   You will have skills to help you in any relationship challenge and know how to have success in all aspects of your life.  See Testimonies 


Together we will work as a team to discover where you are and where you want to be and remove what’s in the way of your success.  We will focus not in terms of what’s wrong with you but in terms of what’s right with you.


In as few as six sessions, you will see your significant progress

in your self, your relationships and your life

in ways you never imagined.




All our services are offered via online tel-health 

Internet Video / Phone Chat Modalities.



I Offer A Different Approach

I teach people the art and science of wholeness and self empowerment to rewrite their future for success.


I also offer state of the art healing techniques and principles combining research from psychology and the behavioral sciences with spirituality and energy healing principles to promote mind, body spirit integration and wellness.


Whether you see me as an Individual, Couple,  Parent or Business Professional, you will gain the latest skills based on proven success research.  These skills are  practical and easy to learn and resolve conflict on all levels.   By the end of our work together,  you will gain understanding and integration of  personal and relational healing principles and techniques. 


You can use these skills right away and for a lifetime to continue to get unstuck and upgrade all aspects of your relationship and life.  Clients report that healing in one area of their life results in healing and transformation in other aspects of their life as well.   See Testimonies 


Individuals and Couples learn concrete skills to gain confidence to become Masters not Disasters.

In as few as six sessions, you can see your life transformed in ways you never imagined. 


My sessions are also Spiritually based and  Soul Solution Focused – helping you understand yourself and your Soul Contracts or conflict issues from the largest context possible.


In our Returning to Love Relationship Healing Program, you  will learn about your Imago which holds your unconscious agenda as part of your Soul Contract.  You will  gain the necessary practical, easy to learn skills, you can use right away to resolve internal / external conflict and free yourself and your relationship to go to the next level.


I am best known for my intuitive gifts, humor and heart centered style of sharing relationship healing and relationship principles that everyone can understand.


Clients who invest in a discounted package tend to make a greater gains from their commitment to themselves.  They also tend to do better as they have a better chance to reinforce learning and consolidate skills


I teach long lasting skills and principles to return you to your Original Wholeness or Authentic Self.  My intention is to focus on and build on your strengths and inner resources, rather than focus on pathology,


I also focus on removing any blocks that keep you and your relationships stuck and interfere with your happiness, relationship success and proactive advancement.  See Testimonies 






 I am best known for my intuitive gifts, humor and heart centered style of sharing relationship healing and relationship principles that everyone can understand.


My intention is to give you long lasting skills and principles to return you to your Original Wholeness or Authentic Self.   I also focus on removing any blocks that keep you and your relationships stuck.  You don’t have to be victimized by past conditioning.  I can help you  realize the relationship of your dreams and happiness.



Services Fees

Significant Discounts: Therapy / Coaching Today is expensive. I recently looked up the consulting prices for on-line Coaches /Therapists

Here is what I found.

Traditional Online Coaching Sessions for private pay individuals Seen by Traditional Counselors/Coaches. Range greatly pending on Therapist Training.  You can get counseling  from Inexperienced Interns costing $70 – $80 a session to Experienced Secular Practitioners commanding up to $250. a session.


A resent google search of the price for online counseling and couching  revealed that my prices are significantly lower that what is charged for Initial Intake for individuals @ 53 minutes: $205.

It’s Amazing what other Therapist are charging.  

One site posted:  Online Counseling and Coaching Intake for individuals @ 80 minutes: $310.00 · Follow-up 53-minute sessions: $180.00 · Follow-up 80-minute sessions: $275.00.





As a charitable organization, I have done my best to make discounts available. We also offer online Miracles workshops and seminars for donations and some scholarships are available.

There are also additional discounts for clients who invest in a package pending  on the type of package (number of sessions) you purchase ie. 1, 3,  6, 12, or 18 sessions. 




Clients who invest in a discounted package tend to make a greater gains from their commitment to themselves.  They also tend to do better as they have a better chance to reinforce learning and consolidate skills.



I have over thirty years of proven success. See Testimonies .

What would you pay to have the relationship of your dreams rather than your nightmares.   Most of the issues I see are usually resolve in six sessions.   The average fee I charge is $100 a session for a six session package and  signing our Health and Wellness Agreement.


This is a significant discount compared to Online Traditional Coaching Counseling which costs $185. per session unless you get an untrained intern or newly licensed individual who is just beginning and works for an online tel-health company.



 Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D

Discounted Price
Pay Up-Front

Single Meeting Weekly, Monthly Commitment

    • $65.00. 30 min
    • $125.00 60 min

One time Suggested Pledge Continued Ongoing Commitment Weekly, Alternate Weekly or Monthly Session Package



    • $330 x 3 (1 hour 60 minute sessions)
    • $600.00 $100.00 x 6 (1 Hour 60 Minutes Session)


    • $1080. $90 x 12 (1 Hour 60 Minutes) Session)
    • $1565. $86 x 18 (1 Hour 60 Minutes) Sessions)
    • $1565 $138 x 12 (1.5 Hour 90 Minute Sessions)

In Three Months Your life will be transformed

in ways you never imagined.

Payment Information

We request that you make payments up-front – You may request an invoice via venmo or PayPal, Square or pay on-line at VENMO – Dr Timothy Ryan.@drtimryan or Timothy Ryan@Timothy-Ryan-51 at Venmo.

If you are using the sessions for Business Consultation use the Venmo Dr Timothy Ryan @drtimryan otherwise use Timothy Ryan @ Timothy-Ryan-51.

If you live out of the United States you can also make payments at PayPal on this website or go to AIWP and/or to Dr. Tim Ryan.




How To Make Payments:

Please make your payment the day before your session or the morning of your session via Venmo Account Timothy Ryan @ Timothy-Ryan-51 or Dr Timothy Ryan @ drtimryan. This is the primary payment system that I use unless you live outside the USA, in which case I use PayPal. You may pay for multiple sessions at one time to save money if you so choose to.


Please Note:

Most specific challenges are resolved within six sessions, however lifelong struggles with long term relationships conflicts and Health challenges require more time to integrate healing and practice into new perspectives and cognitive/behavior patterns and a successful relationship and lifestyle.


My clients report that they have received on-going emotional relief and increased confidence to be successful in overcoming their on-going  challenges as time goes on. See Testimonies 


Twelve or more sessions are usually needed to heal long standing relationships or physical health challenges. Clients may cancel anytime and are allowed to continue as long as benefit is perceived.




NOTE: CANCELLATION POLICY – ( 48 – 24 ) HOURS: If you can give me a few days or at least a day notice or more cancellation notice, it is greatly appreciated because I often schedule clients at least one week ahead of time.



    1.  A private setting so we can have a confidential internet session without background noise from people, pets, or devices.
    2. A stable internet connection.
    3. Your smartphone, computer or iPad to access Zoom or other agreed to internet platforms.
    4. I’ll email Zoom instructions. Or if you are comfortable, we can also meet in other encrypted Google Meet, WhatApp, FaceBook or Messenger or similar applications. (what ever is most convenient)


SET UP AN INITIAL SESSION TODAY to discover how I can support you to return to your original wholeness and start a new chapter in your life and relationships.You may also contact me for a 15 Courtesy and Get Acquainted Session

I look forward to partnering with you to meet all your goals.

Blessings and Love to You to you for making an investment in yourself, your relationships and your future happiness and well-being.

Dr. Tim Ryan


Community Services

Our Mission statement is to serve all members of the community at large by making high-quality, effective counseling/therapy available and as affordable as possible.

I offer services as a Faith-Based Individual Couples Relationship Counselor/Therapist and Professional Coach.

We also offer Online Spiritual Direction which include a Course in Miracles Study Group and Emotional Freedom Techniques for Healing as part of our community outreach services. See ACIM Robyn Duncan (see Events)

All Advancement in Spirituality seminars and workshops are based on a Course In Miracles and are sponsored by AIWP/Miracles Ministry for donation or fee.



AIWP Miracles Ministry  offers significant discounts and gives scholarships to deserving individuals and families and offers up to a 40% discount for individuals and couples pending on available scholarships funds.   You may also receive discounts when increasing the number of sessions with package deals.

For those Making / Receiving Scholarship Donations.

Donations received and scholarships given may be given in any amount to support those needing assistance. You may also suggest anyone to receive scholarship support. Candidates are reviewed and accepted pending resources and on a need by need basis.

Contributions are accepted by credit card on this website or by credit card to AIWP’s PayPal Account.   All donations are given with the understanding that AIWP is a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit tax-exempt Charitable, Humanitarian, Religious Organization exempt from federal income tax EIN 95-3455451. 

Therefore, all donations to AIWP are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. AIWP gratefully acknowledges donations over $250.00 on an annual basis. You may choose any amount to make a Scholarship or General Operations Donation.

Make a Donation: As a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, Donations are gratefully accepted and may be used to provide for continuing services and sponsor those in need. Tax Deductible Receipts over $250 are given annually.

Packages also include special additional discounts for students, teachers, seniors, social workers, government workers, military, health care and union workers. Please ask Dr. Ryan for an additional discounted rate.


Please Note:

Unless otherwise designated in the Health and Wellness Agreement, all Services   and provided by Dr. Timothy J. Ryan  and are sponsored  as part of the Community Outreach Services of The Association For The Integration Of The Whole Person/ Miracles Ministry.   AIWP/ Miracles Ministry is  A 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit, Non-Denominational Spiritual /Religious Organization Healing & Enriching Relationships For A More Compassionate World (EIN 95-3455451).


Persona Note:



I am the Founder, Director and Lead Counselor at The Association for Integration of the Whole Person, Miracles Ministry, a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit, Non-Denominational Ecclesiastical Organization. ( EIN 95-3455451).


We offer a number of Community Services including; Individual Family Counseling/Therapy /Coaching – Returning To Love, Relationship Training (understanding Soul Contracts and learning Conflict Resolution Skills ). We also offer  Spiritual Healing and Integration for Enrichment and Direction.


Although I have many years of psychological training and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I do not practice, as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.   I have chosen not to focus on pathology and diagnostic labels.  Please note that I do not examine, diagnose, treat, or offer to treat or cure or attempt to cure, any mental or physical disease, disorder or illness, or any physical deformity or injury.  Nor do I recommend or prescribe any medications or pharmaceutical drugs.


My sole desire is to improve mind, body, spirit health as an adjunct to medical care, and as such, again, my services do not include diagnosing or attempting to cure pathology or treat any form of physical mental illness or disease which constitutes the conventional practice of medical care and dis-ease models, curing pathology.


My intention and desire  is also to work with you in collaboration / partnership and not on you as a patient. I will also see you as an adjunct to traditional Medical and Health Care.


At the end of our sessions, my hope is  to help you improve your mind, body, relationship enrichment skill as well realize more vibrant  health.

My clients have had greater transformations and enjoyment when I work with them as spiritual beings who are fully capable and have  numerous innate resources available.


I also have a mission to remove any and all physical, emotional, metal blocks to having greater authenticity and success.


My desire is also to work with you as an individual who desires to learn skills for conflict resolution and spiritual awakening to become more Authentic and reconnect to your Original Wholeness.


My clients report increased awareness and greater self-empowerment. (see Testimonies)


Confidentiality Guaranteed

As a Faith Based Counselor/Therapist, affiliated with AIWP, all information is guaranteed confidential and privileged.