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May 02, 2016

What is Holistic Psychotherapy?

Holistic psychotherapy has proven increasingly cost effective and successful as an alternative and compliment to traditional psychotherapy.  Holistic Psychotherapy combines the best of  traditional “talk” therapy and integrates it with complimentary alternative mind, body, spirit energy  healing methods.

Various methods of traditional talk therapy have proven effective to a certain extent as a primary method alone.  Traditional talk therapy alone has limitations in taking more time and involves increased cost.  Talk therapy alone is also limited in that it works only on the mental and emotional levels to target limiting / destructive ideas, beliefs, limiting  thought decisions, behavior relational patterns, values,  and negative feelings that are stuck and/or habitual usual does not help to integrate with the whole person on a mind, body spiritual level.

Alternative Energy Psychology healing methods work on the physical, energetic and spiritual levels for total integration and long lasting results.  Energy Medicine, Meta Healing and Energy Psychology  include energy system balancing techniques, guided visualization, meditation, dream work, somatic awareness, therapeutic  breathing techniques, and integrates spirit or soul exploration  to re-frame an individuals issues into a larger perspective.   See META Healing Techniques Below.

The beauty of META Healing and Energy Psychology as  alternative healing methods is that they are gentle and can be learned easily and can be used right away and can be assimilated into a person’s repertoire of healthy coping skills for long-term stability and balance.

A holistic approach supports the individual to return to their original wholeness with an integration of mind, body and spiritual alignment.  A Holistic Psychotherapist would see client symptoms as blocks to be removed and not signs of brokenness.

For example, someone traumatized in childhood would have limited coping skills and naturally repress painful memories and associated emotions into the unconscious because their human system as a whole would not be able to understand or make sense of the intensity of the trauma.  Panic symptoms might arise every time a person comes in contact with triggers that remind him/her of the original trauma which would  repeatedly need to be  pushed down again and again creating a pressure cooker effect and creating an internal battle / conflict part of the energy system trying to block out the trauma using distractions and or medications and another part of the energy system trying to release the trauma and restore the system to balance.

It would be like driver a car with one foot on the break trying to stop the emotions from surfacing and the other foot on the gas petal trying to release the emotions and move forward.   Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety leading to Panic Attacks  are some of the symptoms of the mind acting like a fly wheel spinning uncontrollably in defense against emotions trying to surface.  These blocked emotions would be underlying all OCD and Panic Disorders resulting stuck and stagnant  energy leading to exhaustion, leading to eventual overwhelming panic attacks and other problems.

Chinese Medicine has  known for over five thousand years that emotions are literally‘energy in motion’, so stuck energy is the culprit underlying all physical, emotional, mental disease.  When energy  is stuck in the body,  an individual experiences his/her energy  as though they  are shut down, restless, depressed or anxious with O.C.D. and Attention  Deficit Disorder and/or  panic attacks to name a few.

Using techniques from Energy Psychology and META Healing helps a person unblock their stuck energy effortlessly to free them to experience their original wholeness and joy of being.   Such methods can include Neuro-linguistic Techniques, NLP, Matrix Reimprinting,  Hypnosis,    Energy system and Chackra  balancing can alleviate the panic symptoms so the emotions can be accessed in a safe, nonthreatening & measured way, processed and one can move beyond the trauma. This is just one case, of course. Having a variety of tools allows each situation to be assessed individually so that a custom blend of interventions can be applied for effective and complete healing.

The Twelve American Board of Holistic Integrative Medicine (ABHM) principles of holistic medical practice are:

  1.  Unconditional Love is life’s Most Powerful Healer.
  2. Optimal Health Is Much More Than The Absence of Sickness.
  3. Illness Is Viewed As A Manifestation Of The Whole Person, Not As An Isolated Event.
  4. Holistic Physicians Embrace A Variety of Safe, Effective Options in Diagnosis and Treatment including: Education for Life Style Changes, Complementary Approaches, Conventional Drugs and Surgery.
  5. Searching For The Underlying Cause of Symptoms and Disease is Preferable To Treating Symptoms Alone.
  6. Holistic Therapist and Physicians Expend as Much Effort To Establishing What Kind of Patient Has The Disease As They Do Establishing What Kind of Disease a Patient Has.
  7. Prevention Is Preferable to Treatment and is Usually More Cost Effective.  The Most Cost Effective Approach Evokes The Patient’s Own Healing Capabilities.
  8. A Major Determinant Of Healing Outcomes Is The Quality Of The Relationship Established Between Physician and Patient, In Which Patient’s Autonomy Is Encouraged.
  9. The Ideal Physician -Patient Relationship Considers The Needs, Desires, Awareness and Insight of the Patient, As Well As Those Of The Physician.
  10.  Physicians Significantly Influence Patients By Their Example.
  11. Illness, Pain, And The Dying Process Can Be Learning Opportunities For The Patient and Physicians.
  12. Holistic Physicians and Therapists Encourage Patients To Evoke The Healing Power Of Love, Hope, Humor and Enthusiasm And To Release The Toxic Consequences of Hostility, Shame, Greed, and Depression.

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A recent study on Why Patients use Alternative Medicine Results of a National Study by John A. Astin, Ph.D. reported along with being more educated and reporting being more acutely aware of their poorer health status, the majority of alternative medicine users appear to be doing so …..because they find these health care alternatives to be more congruent with their own values, beliefs, and philosophical orientations toward health and life.

I want those receptive to receive the best value and quality information, skills and therapy that they can use right away to transform their health, wealth and relationships.Increasingly, people are looking to gain greater support from alternative and holistic complementary therapies, remedies and treatments, as individuals and couples seek out therapies that are more in alignment with their core values and are able to empower them to be proactive in their healing process.

Many have discovered the importance of taking a holistic mind, body spirit approach to help them find greater meaning in their lives.  I have been a personal coach, therapist and intuitive counselor for over thirty years. The last twelve years I have been perfecting self-help skills for individuals and couples as an alternative to long term therapy.  I am a Board Certified Holistic Energy Healer and Professional Counselor and Relationship Expert and have trained in many disciplines.


Dr. Timothy Ryan, Ph.D. D.Div.  has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Divinity.  He is heart centered and uses his intuitive gifts to remove Blocks (clearing negative subconscious beliefs and limiting emotional patterns out to the body.) 

In addition to his intuitive gifts, Dr. Ryan uses a body/mind/spirit approach to counseling that includes the latest research and application of evidenced based approaches for individual and relationship healing. He believes in empowering individuals and couples to learn how to continue in their own healing and gain increasing confidence to trust their inner wisdom.  His goal is to support you in a fast track to peace and help you recover your sense of integrity and wholeness as quickly as possible.

Dr. Ryan also practices as an intuitive mind, body spirit healing and integration specialist and licensed pastoral therapist.  All information shared with him is absolutely privileged, confidential and totally protected beyond the HIPPA regular therapist patient confidentiality standards.  See Article Right to Practice with Secure Confidentiality

Dr. Ryan loves sharing gentle, easy to learn, powerful techniques to help you discover a fast track to Health and  Peace of Mind and Personal Relational Healing and Fulfillment. He is heart centered and use his intuitive gifts to remove blocks (clearing sub- conscious beliefs and limiting emotional patterns out of the body) to support and free you to reach you ultimate goals. Clients consistently report the skills they have learned from our work together have given them more aliveness and connection to their own personal power and authenticity.  ( See Testimonies ).  He incorporates  Spiritual Psychotherapy, N.L.P., Energy Psychology and Holistic Integrative Medicine and Matrix Reimprinting with Depth Hypnosis to varying degrees.

For the past thirty years, he has been helping, Adults, Couples, Parents and Children, as well as Business Professionals ground with their bodies, lead with their hearts and soar with their spirits. 

Dr. Ryan is also the Director  and Founder of AIWP, Miracles Ministry.  At AIWP we offer scholarships for counseling services as well as professional fee for service sessions.  Either way,  you will receive professional, compassionate care and support that will help you immediately improve numerous aspects of your life.  You will also gain confidence in yourself to become empowered to learn the latest personal and relationship healing and enrichment tools to transform your health, wealth and relationships to go to the next level.