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Mar 14, 2016

Thumbtack “Spotlight Review: Ten Best Therapist” (January 2016)


Thumbtack Spotlight

Dr. Timothy Ryan at

Association for Integration of The Whole Person

4 out of 5 stars

(9 reviews)

Dr. Timothy Ryan is passionate about inner well-being and interpersonal harmony. He has the academic background and is now helping people achieve an inner peace. With his META Healing for Optimum Wellness,  he helps individuals discover the meaning behind symptoms that don’t go away and limiting patterns sabotaging relationships.  He has been  helping individuals and families heal and enrich their relationships for over twenty years.

Aside from the academic excellence, Dr. Timothy achieved the Outstanding Family Therapist Award  in 2013 in Newport Beach Ca. and he also has been active in many board committees to ensure the proper conduct of holistic health programs.  He never fails to update himself with the latest trends in his field of expertise and this translates into top-notch quality services for his clients.

A number of programs in family counseling and health and wellness using Energy Psychology are currently being offered by Dr. Timothy but all of them boil down into one main goal, which is to achieve that overall mind, body, spirit health and wellness integration and wholeness.

His programs are personalized based on the needs of his clients and every stage includes feedback mechanisms for the client to achieve the optimum results of their program.

In addition, he is also a META Health and Mind, Body and Spirit Integration Specialist. He is also trained in many more disciplines like counseling, pastoral psychotherapy and corrective emotional connections. He feels happy every time a client can integrate the inner world to the outer world manifestations that results into an issue being solved.

Look no further for your holistic well-being development.

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