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Nov 22, 2014

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Practitioner Name Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D,D.PSc.

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Why Join the Member Share Network?

(taken from PMA web site)

Because the people are seeking access to leading edge natural
health options, provided by qualified professionals of course!

Millions of families are realizing that conventional medicine is sick care and not health or wellness care. The conventional sick care protocol is to wait until illness and disease manifest before stepping in with chemical medications, drugs and surgery and while this is certainly a blessing for accidents, trauma and life threatening conditions, it is not a system that promotes health and wellness and having only conventional medicine as a choice leads to what we have now – a sick and medicated society. Families are demanding more, demanding less medicine and more focus on better health and that is the goal of the Member Share Network!

Safe, natural health care is not intended to replace emergency medicine,
it is simply a better choice for non-emergency, routine and chronic illness!

Millions of families are waking up to health and wellness, to safer natural options to prevent illness and to effectively and safely attend routine and chronic poor health conditions. The investment in health and wellness now rivals that being spent on sick care, unfortunately though finding a qualified practitioner of leading edge natural health options is not so easy.

Governmental regulatory boards control what health care practitioners may say to you, what services they may offer and what treatment they can prescribe and when practitioners venture outside these rules they are putting their license on the line. The result of such violation can range from hefty fines, suspension to loss of license and most conventional providers either shy away from alternatives or risk only a small offering in an attempt to appease patients that are demanding safer alternatives. Natural health practitioners generally attempt to operate “under the radar” and are not typically recognized or regulated by any agency, state or otherwise even in states that have passed health freedom legislation. This of course means they are not accountable for the services they offer and this lack of accountability invites anyone to “hang out a shingle” and offer services. There is simply no way of knowing whether a practitioner is a qualified professional or not.

In Choosing Alternative Health Care Services – look for the D.PSc designation following
the practitioners name. D.PSc means PMA licensed – it also means Professional Quality!

The Member Share Network addresses these issues by bringing families together in private membership with health professionals to share leading health natural options. The private relationship provides a constitutionally protected forum for health professionals and assures you that the practitioner has met standards. To be accepted as a network provider each professional must meet specific educational standards and complete a comprehensive process including back ground investigation, verification of credentials, past complaint and risk analysis and more. Once licensed as a Network provider the practitioner is accountable to the PMA license rules and regulations and a complaint process is in place to hold practitioners accountable to high standards. While the Network, not unlike state agencies, cannot guarantee that any provider or the services they provide are right or suitable for any individual, members can rest easy knowing that the Network is populated with verified professional health care providers from every field of health care in virtually all U.S. States, Canada and multiple other Countries and this includes mental health counselors, medical doctors, pastors, chiropractors, natural health professionals, acupuncturist, herbalist, energy medicine professionals and many more.

Take charge of your own health!

Join Member Share and receive powerful tools and support form your network provider

A whole new world of safe and effective health care options are available to members and to learn more, much more…. you simply need to join us. Once you register as a member you will have access to our private library, educational section on immunizations, specialty products and even to self-care education and much more. If for some reason you decide that the Member Share network is not right for your family, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

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So go ahead – Reserve your right to choose your own medicine” and have the
peace of mind of knowing that you are receiving services from professional providers!

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Your PMA Practitioner is: Dr. Timothy Ryan email: [email protected]

#4. Also Note: As a member you will be able to learn many things never told to the general public by conventional medical providers.

This information will empower you with the ability to make an informed choice about how you want to pursue supporting your current health and long-term well-being!

#5 Note #1a: In the section Personal information it is optional
Website – You do NOT need to enter any information.
Picture – You do NOT need to enter any information.

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Dr Timothy Ryan
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Please enter [email protected]



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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by either reply e-mail at [email protected] or phone, (949-250-1423)

Dr. Timothy J. Ryan’s work in healing focuses on combining: The latest research and techniques from META Medicine, META Healing and Accelerated Energetics Clearing Techniques along with Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. Learn how to work with your body’s intelligence and be in Harmony with all aspects of yourself with Greater Inner Peace Healing and Happiness.

Thank you and Blessings for Good Health,

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Dr Timothy J. Ryan, PhD, DP.Ss, D.Div.
PMA License # 6461735.

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