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Feb 15, 2015

Life is a Process in Learning How to Wake Up

Even though my growing up experiences, could be titled Chapters in Recovery from Living with Madness, I am now so grateful to look back on them as chapters in awakening from a bad dream.

Most of my life, I thought of myself as broken. I experienced myself secretly hiding out and/or over-compensating and sometimes even acting out in total self hate and total self destruction because I felt so unworthy.

Thankfully I can also look back and see I have had many spiritual refuges from many spiritual traditions – all of which have helped me exorcise the demons and return to greater sense of peace of mind …I remember trying to escape myself to live in an Ashram for a few years. Each morning I would sit under a picture of Jesus and chant the Guru Gita. I would sit there for hours, Chanting the name of God, seeking God’s blessings being mindful of the picture of Jesus above me. I would not get up till God I felt cleansed me of the self hate and had some experience or of “Me in Thee and Thee in me.”

One of the more powerful Sanskrit phrases went something like “To know God is to Know Perfection and to know Perfection is to know that nothing can be added and nothing can be taken away – for the Perfection of God is eternal and Perfection is our natural state and nothing less or more.

Today, I thank God I can celebrate as Jewel says “I am never broken” because I have received God’s Love as my natural source and rhythm in the world’s madness ”

Today I hope all you will celebrate with me and stand with m in affirming “We are Precious Holy Children of God and We are Never Broken. I’m affirming my wholeness with the following affirmations below. Much Love and Blessings to everyone to join me with the real meaning of Valentine’s Day to know, celebrate, and live in the Spirit of God’s Love as a Perfect Relationship and to Share The Good News of God’s Love’s and Blessings with Everyone.

Dr. Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D.