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Phone Counseling

For many, in person traditional counseling sessions can be difficult to attend. Transportation, Traffic, Childcare present challenges that make getting in-person office visions challenging or next to impossible.  


Some are not physically capable of coming into the office to meet face-to-face, while others prefer the comfort of home to discuss their issues. If you are interested in phone counseling contact Dr. Timothy J Ryan, PHD, D.Div. today.

Phone Counseling Possibilities

With advances in technology and encrypted communication systems you can feel safe and secure.  Online tel-health session are becoming increasingly popular for medical and other professionals to meet via the phone or web, and counselors are no different.

Sessions are easy to set up and

Dr. Timothy J Ryan, PHD, D.Div. can now work with you in the ease of your home, office, or car for that matter.




    1.  A private setting so we can have a confidential internet session without background noise from people, pets, or devices.
    2. A stable internet connection.
    3. Your smartphone, computer or iPad to access Zoom or other agreed to internet platforms.
    4. I’ll email Zoom instructions. Or if you are comfortable, we can also meet in other encrypted Google Meet, WhatApp, FaceBook or Messenger or similar applications. (what ever is most convenient)


Participating in phone counselling may allow you to feel more comfortable opening up than you would in a traditional counselling session. Sessions can be scheduled around a time that is convenient for you. Generally speaking, the cost of phone counselling is more affordable than traditional in-person sessions. Not all problems can be addressed via phone counseling, but Dr. Timothy J Ryan, PHD, D.Div. will take the time to discuss these with you.

Text  me today at 949-250-1423 for more information and to schedule an appointment to begin the healing process.