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Did You Know That `Most Issues Regarding Bone, Muscle and Ligaments Usually Heal Within 6-8 Weeks. If it takes Longer It Has To Do With Past De-Valuations and Core Negative Beliefs according to META-Health Research.

On a Personal Note:

In my lifetime, I have had several diagnoses of cancer and each time with using reflection, prayer and energy healing techniques, I have discovered healing with gratitude and peace of mind. In all cases except one, I still respected my medical doctor’s advice and even in one case had the surgery to remove the diagnosed cancer from my prostrate.
In this case, the Doctor showed me the cancer on my MRI and said it was important to operate as soon as possible. I agreed to the operation, but still did my energy healing work leading up to the operation as well. Post Surgery, The Doctor was amazed and said to me, somewhat embarrassed, that when he went in to remove the cancer, it wasn’t there.

I have also had  surgery for a deviated septum and the Doctor, during surgery discovered a suspicious growth in my nose and sent it to be biopsied.  The results came back that it was diagnosed as cancer.   The Doctor call me into the office and insisted that I have another operation.  He said “ You can’t mess around with cancer, we need to perform a  surgery immediately.   I asked what that meant, He said, we have to remove your nose hopefully to remove any residual cancer.  I have scheduled it for tomorrow.  After the operation, you will be fitted with a prosthetic one.

I was shocked in disbelief and admit, I was totally vane. “How would I see my clients without my nose?”  I  was also now skeptical about the procedure and didn’t want to give up my nose to anyone.

I’m so grateful, I asked the Doctor to ask for a second opinion and/or send it  back to the lab and have it retested.  The following week, I prayed and did energy healing.   I’m grateful that the following week when I met with this Doctor, he reported there must have been a mistake with the first biopsy because this one came back benign.

I respect the medical profession but have realized that I also have a responsibility to own my medical care especially when it comes to significant costs to me.   I have also had symptoms of degenerative disks in my back and at one point, the Doctor  also told me that the dark spot on the MRI looked like it was cancer and should be operated on.   I’m so grateful, I have energy healing tools to work on all these conditions.  I am using energy healing with suggestions from my Doctor.  I have been able to stop medication as my spinal disks are healing on their own and  allowing  me to be free of pain using energy healing techniques. 







According to the American Psychological Association, short-term stress may be a natural response and sometimes even a positive response, but  chronic stress negatively affects all aspects of health and systems including:

Short term stress is a natural response designed to be short term solution to deal with a specific fear or situation.  It peaks and then drops. When short term stress becomes chronic stress,  diseases can occur in relation to the overstimulation of the stress response.  For a more detailed explanation see website for The American Psychological Association:

A New Day. A better way. Discover The Difference That Makes a Difference. The Time has Come To Take More Responsibility and Look At Our Health Care Options Differently
META-Healing with META- Health Principles Believes That All Diseases Have A Specific Meaning and Come From A Specific Set of Life Events and Stress Reactions.

Core Values

META-Health  is a multidisciplinary science based on empirical evidence emerging from more than 30 years of META Medicine, Brain CT Scans, and Epi-genetics research. It provides a complete biological, mental health and social evolutionary understanding of stress and it’s resulting health challenges.

According to META-Health International, META-Health is the science, practice and art of Body-Mind-Social Health with a focus on how specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affect specific organs and create symptoms. It applies the understanding of the interconnectedness of Body, Mind and Social relationships, so that we can uncover and transform the root causes of physical and emotional dis-ease.

META-Health is based on the following universal principles as a powerful foundation:

META-Health is a methodology which strives for “Prevention and Healing” with principles from Integrative Medicine.   It is practiced by all types of health professionals including Medical Doctors who look beyond just treating symptoms to look at he whole person to find and resolve mind, body, spirit, lifestyle healing.

META-Health provides a comprehensive understanding of the cause meaning and process of any health challenge. Based on Integrative Medicine, it has seven main principles and redefines our understanding of health, dis-ease, healing and personal development today.

The 7 Principles of Foundational Integrative Medicine

META-Health and Healing helps you discover the deeper meaning of your health issues and gives you the practical skills to be able to determine and resolve the precise limiting emotional, pain body themes and memories which underlie almost any disease process.

In just a few sessions, you can learn practical skills and principles to be able to understand your suffering and emotional issues from a completely new perspective.  META-Health is a rapidly growing science contributing a better understanding of health challenges.

Symptoms and health challenges are understood as energy systems resulting from conscious and unconscious negative perceptions, beliefs and blockages /holding patterns in the body and  resulting in physical pain and causing various body symptoms.

To Practice META-Health Does Not

Mean You Should Not See A Doctor!

META-Health and Healing, using Advance Energy Healing Techniques gives you the practical skills to release stress beliefs and stuck energy patterns, so you are free to return to your natural self expressing harmony rather than damage to your body.

META- Health and Healing also offers you a method of matching disease conditions and symptoms with the actual stress conflicts and  emotional trauma enabling you to identify the underlying energy disturbance resulting in your physical conditions.

What is META- Health and Healing

META meaning beyond, above, over view, adjacent to and in the context of Health means Universal Healing.  It describes a subject in a way that transcends its original limits.  META – Health is the art and science of restoring health practiced by physicians and alternative /complimentary health professionals who are dedicated to helping clients maintain optimum wellbeing.

META-Health and Healing is engaged in the science that there is not only a mind-body connection, but actually a very precise organ-brain-psychosocial connection. Each brain area corresponds to with a type of experience i.e. brain stem and all the organs directed by the brain stem are usually associated with information processing associated with survival. For example, where a brain relay system, within a brain area corresponds to a specific organ and a specific conflict or trauma and an environmental-social experience.

According to The American Psychological Association, (APA) March 8, 2023 reported that research has demonstrated the following symptoms and illnesses are directly associated with chronic stress:

The APA also reports that Chronic stress is associated with the following health conditions:

The APA also reports that the six leading causes of death in the U.S. that are impacted by emotional stress are:

Researchers have found that significant emotional experiences almost always precede illness. If we experience a conflict shock, an event that is unexpected, very dramatic and emotional, then our organism reacts with what we call ‘dis-ease’ ie. diseases  like cancer, eczema, diabetes etc.  We can prevent and offset these conditions with the practice of Energy Healing Techniques.

Stress has often been cited by various medical experts as a major cause of ill health. META- Health and Healing takes our understanding of stress to a new level, where specific types of emotional stress can be seen to have an effect on specific organ-brain relays, thereby affecting the whole of the organism at all levels.  Now illnesses and diseases can be traced by to past conditions affecting specific organ-brain relays to better understand ourselves and work with our bodies. 

This knowledge is absolutely revolutionary because it allows us to understand specifically how a dis-ease process begins and which therapies are most likely to be useful. We now have the tools to understand how exactly stress affects the body and can become imprinted in your neurology. We also now have a number of tools to work with rather than against your bodies healing process.

An Integrative Approach

To support self-healing, all interventions that the client is receptive to and are appropriate for the individual can be undertaken. These can be mindfulness, meditation, physical therapy, nutrition, energy healing  and quantum healing, (a term coined by Deepak Chopra to describe how our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes affect the way we experience illness and health in our life.)

To practice META-Health does not mean you should not see a doctor!
Quite the opposite, META-Health professionals want to cooperate and help conventional health care practices to become more effective and sustainable.    META-Health Practitioners work to compliment not compete with the medical profession.   It is always advisable to see a medical doctor for any health related issue.

Join Me and Discover The Benefits of Techniques From:












Finally a Chance to Gain Clarity and Understand the Real Meaning of your Health Challenge.


Benefits Of Consultation

META- Health and Healing Consultation And Ongoing META Healing Therapy

META-Health Healing, Coaching and Therapy is a unique synthesis of many different sciences and disciplines including coaching philosophy and skills, from: Energy Healing, META Health,  Neuro Linguistic Programming. (NLP) and other state-of-the-art healing modalities.

The META-Health, Healing & Coaching discovery session is a unique, personally tailored service that involves an open and structured conversation regarding the onset of your health challenge / symptoms and the thoughts and feelings (perceptions) about your health issues.  It also partners with you regarding your goals, barriers and related  past issues in your life.

We will work together as a team toward the release of a specific blocked stressful thought / belief patterns and emotions that hold in place the matrix of your health issue. We will create a healing recovery plan with successful strategies that enable you to your original wholeness and experience greater freedom of thought, feeling and improved health.

Duration: META-Healing Coaching programs usually take between 6, to 12, 18 and up to 36 sessions pending on degree and duration of physical health challenge.

Meta Health and Healing, Using Advanced Clearing, Energetics and Energy Healing Therapy

Based on an integration of Quantum Physics, Behaviorism, Mental Health Training, Eastern Medicine and Spirituality, Energy Healing, including a variety of techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT),  Matrix Reimprinting, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and others can help you release energy blocks that result in stress causing illnesses.

META- Health and Healing using Energy Healing posits that mental and emotional health challenges or problems are a reflection of disturbed bio-energetic patterns. Energy blocks are common when we neglect our basic self care needs.

Many of us live in a disassociated, unconscious  state when it comes to understanding and connecting to our bodies.   Many of us having come from families where their basic needs were not met learned early to shut down, repress our own feelings and needs.   Childhood stress which continues as adult stress takes an increasing toll on the body and eventually results in physical, mental emotional breakdown leading to the body showing us symptoms which is a cry for help.

Energy Healing helps you overcome the energy blocks of original trauma that are limiting you and frees you to reconnect to the natural wisdom of your body and promote greater  success in health, wealth and relationships.  Energy therapy utilizes tools that seem to directly balance the human energy systems becoming a fast track to peace and well-being.

“Energy Healing Techniques involve super learning

and may be the most effective therapy to reprogram

dysfunctional unconscious beliefs that control life and biology.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.,  author of The Biology of Belief,


Energy Healing which includes a host of techniques including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is one of many energy healing methods that are  simple, easy to learn and have a powerful, profound effect in removing energy blockages in the  mind, body and spirit.   Energy Healing aim is to achieve ultimate well-being, success, health and happiness.

Energy Healing techniques can also be used to literally, re-energize us so we can have the ability to have the confidence, inspiration and empowerment we need to take on the various challenges of the day. The practice involves rating your symptoms or energy disturbance from a scale from -10 in a downward cycle, perhaps totally overwhelmed without resources and totally stuck and can not move to  a number of +10 on top of the mountain full of life, energy,  inspiration and wellbeing in touch with all your possibilities. 

Using Energy Healing Techniques such as Matrix ReImprinting, Time line Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT ) gives you the ability to transform negative energy into positive. Using the scale from -10 to + 10 allows a you to track your process of emotional changes in real time in your  body to discover how these simple non-invasive techniques can literally transform your energy system.

Where there was grief and sadness there is now comfort and joy, where there was anxiety and fear there is now confidence and power, where there was hatred and resentment there is now love and compassion. It can actually take you  through a portal of transformation of body mine and spirit. Many clients report having an experience a complete change in their body energy system as well as a total change of thoughts, beliefs and adaptive behaviors.  They see themselves totally different.

Clients learn skills that have been shown to reduce and eliminate unwanted stress, anger, trauma and painful difficult events, including loss, sadness, guilt and shame. Negative reactions to trauma, feared situations and negative self-judgements and spiraling addictive behaviors are replaced with positive self/other loving feelings of calmness and contentment.

Energy Healing approaches balance and harmonizing energy pathways to rapidly diminish disturbances in thought and emotion.  Energy healing techniques  provide tools that have been shown to quickly assess unconscious beliefs and resistances, release limiting beliefs and blocked emotions and significantly promote readiness to change and strengthen positive attitudes.

How Does It Work?

You body has an autonomic nervous system, which is divided into sympathetic ( a stress response (fight flight, freeze ) and a parasympathetic (relaxation response). Once an emotional response is triggered there is an opportunity to change the way you react with the stress or relaxation response.  If you are triggered and go into a stress reaction, your higher cortex shuts down so that all of your available energy and resources go into protective defenses to protect you and your body.  The higher cortex shuts down as higher thinking is not needed.

Clients often report that after the stress reaction response, when they are thinking more clearly, that they regret their reactions and wish they had said or done things differently. 

By tapping, holding or massaging a sequence of acupuncture points endorphins are released and tension seems to disappear.  This soothing response brings your anxiety and stress down and allows your higher cortex to come back on line giving you options and resources to deal more effectively with the situation.

Police and first responders have told me this is part of their training to maintain peripheral vision so they can think more clearly.  (This is an Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP technique.)

Energy Healing  is a comprehensive set of tools such as  NLP, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT,) Matrix Reimprinting, Tapas Acupressure Therapy  (TAT ) and ReCode to intervene on the stress cortisol responses with the relaxation response to calm you in response to the stressful,  triggered event.

Tapping certain meridians releases positive endorphins  to replace sooth and open up to the higher cortex to turn back on with resources. 

Clients report that, using Emery Healing, unlike conventional therapies, looking at past traumatic events that there is no having to relive the stressful situation or trauma and there is a significant reduction in pain, anxiety and stress surrounding the previous memories when activating the relaxation response.

Thousands of clinicians throughout the world report that Energy Healing using such methods as EFT often reduce distress in just a few sessions.

Research Suggests that Energy Healing Methods are Quick and Effective

with a Broad Range of Human Health Challenges.

Benefits include Release Energy Blocks To:

I believe that any approach to true happiness, health and well-being to be truly successful, must include the Mind, Body and Spirit integration as a whole interdependent system. I specialize in Mind, Body, Spirit Healing and Integration Techniques. 

If you would like to release stuck mental emotional energy blocks for unlimited and unbounded spiritual energy, inspiration (to be filled with spirit) and peace of mind,  join me and learn concrete skills you can use right away to experience unlimited possibilities and live your life beyond human conditioning.

What You Can Expect In Our Session Together

In a safe and non-judgmental support session, I will support you to embark on a personal reflection process that involves recovering the hidden, blocking (subconscious) thoughts, core beliefs and unresolved feelings contributing to your dis – ease.
We will work together to discover how these blocks create a barrier to making progress in all areas of your health, life, career, relationships or personal development. As a result this session will help you to identify some of the core self-limiting beliefs, emotions, memories and internal conflicts that are preventing your progress, success, happiness and well being.
Using non-invasive, gentle, easy to learn energy healing techniques, I will support you to remove and/or realest these hidden blocks causing energy disturbances in you body/mind/relationship functioning. If you are open to Spirit or a Higher Power working in your life, I will help you connect to this Healing Power to consolidate our gains for long lasting results.
Duration and investment is determined on an individual needs basis and depends on the scale, complexity and scope of current health challenges and personal life style issues and therefore the amount of work required to create an effective working solutions is specific to each individual. If you are interested in a consultation. Contact Me Today.

Call today to Find Perfect Health With Ease

 by Integrating Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Dr. Timothy Ryan is a Board Certified Alternative Health Care Practitioner, Certified Meta- Health Practitioner, Faith-Based Individual, Relationship and Marriage Counselor as well as having many Board Certification including NLP Practitioner and Trainer, Hypnosis Master and Instructor.
He is also a Certified Master, Trainer and Practitioner in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT ) and Certified Practitioner and Trainer in Meridian and EnergyTherapies. He is Certified in Advanced Clearing Energetics. He has Board Certifications As A Holistic Healer and Health And Wellness Practitioner, He is A Certified Matrix ReImprinting Practitioner, He is Certified first year student in Eden Energy Medicine. He is also well versed in Tapas Accupunture Techniques (TAT), ReCode and many other Energy Healing Modalities including The Work by Byron Katie.
Dr Ryan specializes in Mind, Body Spirit Integration and Healing. He has over thirty years of Energy Healing experience. He offers a fast track to peace and wellbeing offering numerous ways of Healing and Up-Grading All Aspects Of Your Life.
Dr. Ryan’s education also includes a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Divinity. Although Dr. Ryan has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology he does not practice as a Clinical Psychologist. Dr Ryan’s sole intention is to improve your mind, body, spirit, relationship and physical health as an adjunct to medical care, and as such, his services do not include diagnosing or attempting to cure pathology or treat any form of physical mental illness or disease which constitutes the conventional practice of psychology and medicine.
His desire is to work with you as a spiritual person who desires to learn skills for spiritual awakening and healing of a mind, body, and spiritual nature to promote self-empowerment, which is beyond the clinical realm of treating pathology.

He has been in private practice for the last thirty years.

 Blessings In All Ways For Health and Wellness

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